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Surviving The Newborn Weeks: What To Expect & What’s Working For Us

As someone in the pure thick of it, my memory of this time hasn’t become a blur yet. So if you’re someone expecting, know someone expecting soon, or someone currently in the trenches of sleep deprivation & desperate for some loose suggestions on how to survive this time without losing your entire mind – hopefully this post will provide some reassuring guidance on how to survive the first month with a newborn.

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My Twin Pregnancy Journey with Perinatal Depression

If you’ve followed me for the last 9+ months, then you know how little I’ve been present online. Of course, finding out we were pregnant was the highlight of our 2022 year but it didn’t come as wonderful as I hoped it would be. I had the presumption that by the second trimester I would get all the things pregnancy “promises” an expecting mother – the glow, the energy, the excitement. Instead, I got Perinatal Depression.

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