The Importance of Indoor Plants in an Apartment

When I first moved into my new apartment and saw these enormous northeast-facing windows, the only thing on my mind was to deck them out with lots and lots of greenery. Having an indoor garden has been something I’ve desired ever since moving to the city, especially after understanding how important it is to have plants in an apartment. From the physical and mental health benefits to smart & easy plant care, here are reasons why apartment dwellers should have indoor plants and how to easily care for them in your given environment. HEALTH BENEFITS OF INDOOR PLANTS … Helps to diversify bacteria in our bodies to fight infections & allergies City dwellers & high-rise residents are less likely to be exposed to nature daily, so immunity can be compromised without the presence of indoor greenery. Therefore, household plants allow for life in an apartment to receive Improves air quality by removing carbon dioxide & other toxins while providing extra oxygen Extensive research by NASA has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxin in 24 hours! As plants take in the carbon dioxide expelled from our bodies & present in the air already, they exhale additional oxygen as a result for us to inhale. You’ll find your breathing will feel more open, fresh, and easy after just a few days of plant exposure. Exposure reduces stress levels, boosts mental health, calms anxiety, & lowers blood pressure They say the simple act of nature can tremendously enhance your mind, body, & spirit. An indoor garden can serve as your refuge from the outside world, increasing your overall levels of happiness and lowering feelings of loneliness & depression.¬†When you see something you care for thriving, the mind is rewarded and motivated which allows for further efforts of increased dedication. Improves productivity & concentration (by 15%) If you’re someone who works from home, then the presence of plants alone can only boost your ability to focus on the work at hand. Plants help regulate humidity & increase levels of positivity. SMART PLANT CARE & EASY TIPS … Choose plants that work with your lifestyle & environment If you’re someone who’s work or lifestyle is constantly on the road, then you might want to consider plants that don’t require much of your attention in order to survive. Similar to having a pet, you don’t want to commit to something you … Continue reading The Importance of Indoor Plants in an Apartment