Beginner’s Guide to Plant Propagation: Part Two

HELLO (AGAIN) PLANT FRIENDS! WELCOME TO┬áPART TWO OF A TWO-PART POST ABOUT PLANT PROPAGATION. — It took me two years to publish this Part Two guide to expanding your plant family – things have been, well, busy to say the least! I left off Part One with the note of wishing me luck with my newly-potted propagations, as it was my very first time taking cuttings as well. Since publishing my first go at it, I’ve successfully propagated 20+ cuttings from my own collection of houseplants & given many of them away as gifts in the last two years. It’s been such a rewarding experience, seeing these offspring cuttings turn into stable adult plants in a matter of months. The best part: it’s SO MUCH EASIER than one would think! If you need a refresh on Part One, then be sure to give it a read before continuing with Part Two, as it includes important information regarding the first steps of rooting in water (the method in which I chose to propagate my plants.) There are other methods of propagation to consider, depending on available resources & the type of plant you wish to “make more of.” For the sake of keeping things simple and consistent here, I’ll be sharing my personal experience of taking stem cuttings from my indoor garden plant species; specifically Pothos varieties. But I might as well mention the different types of cuttings designated for popular houseplants you may already own, since I brought it up vaguely already. TYPES OF CUTTINGS — STEM CUTTINGS These are known as shoots with several attached leaves & considered the easiest form of propagation, as most houseplants allow for such a method due to its vine composition (aka its woodiness.) I bet you didn’t know certain plants are considered herbaceous, softwood, semi-hardwood, or hardwood – you can notice its classification based on how it grows (like a thin vined Goldfish plant vs tall-standing hardy Rubber Tree or ZZ Plant.) The Herbaceous types are the easiest to root & the hardwood types take a bit longer to produce shoots. I won’t go into crazy detail about which common houseplant is considered xyz because it ultimately all comes down to the cut itself when taking a cutting to propagate. … There are 3 types of hardwood stem cuttings, which are chosen based on the plant’s ability to root most successfully: Straight Stem … Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Plant Propagation: Part Two