Winter Wishlist

10 Ways I’m Resetting This January

I’ve never been a fan of New Year Resolutions. I find them to be extremely daunting and should you not meet what you set out to accomplish by December. So I’m trying something new this month – 10 Reset Tasks. For my physical, mental & emotional well-being…

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Tips for Traveling With Twins (Under 2)

For those of you twin parents or parents of two under two traveling for the first time, here’s a detailed outline of how we prepare in advance & what has helped us keep our cool during the entire trip.

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Can't Leave Without...

My Postpartum Hair Care Essentials

I’m about 10 months postpartum & I’ll say upfront that I’ve had it pretty good when it comes to hair thinning. Yes, there are a few patches where it’s noticeable around my face frame and it definitely falls out easier than pre-pregnancy. Here are the products I’ve been using in rotation since January.

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My Personal MVPs