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Artful Ways To Style Candles In The Home

In partnership with Artistscent, I’ve been exposed to the most BEAUTIFUL candles that check all the boxes – from the overall look to the scent – lit & unlit. Most importantly, it’s what this unique brand of candles represent that ultimately sold me as a new fan & customer of this NJ-based small family-run business. Connecting artists & their work with a custom fragrance that compliments each piece & brings it to a new dimension – a screen-printed work of art on a glass reusable candle jar…

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Home Improvement Plans: 3 Projects in 3 Months

there are a few projects I want to tackle in the next three months to make better use of our cozy yet limited square footage. Most of these intended tasks will involve heavy purging & organizing, which I don’t mind having an excuse to perform. The Type-A neat freak in me thrives in such scenarios; the main challenge will be…

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Our Bedroom Reveal

After many months of decorating, redecorating, then a brief hiatus – due to frustration of having to redecorate in the first place – I can FINALLY say our bedroom space is nearly perfect. You’d think this would’ve been one of the first rooms I’d want to complete since moving in last October, but sadly it took a backseat when it came to…

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