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Bookshelf Styling With Plants

This one corner of the living room has been perfectly furnished by this 6-shelf asymmetrical bookshelf system, one of my most favorite Amazon purchases this year. It’s been so much fun decorating each of the spaces to accommodate our plants, as well as display our collection of coffee table books and knick-knacks from over the years…

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Beginner’s Guide to Plant Propagation: Part One

Back in March, when things were looking ever so bleak & depressing, I directed all my remaining energy into my houseplants and really began focusing on how to grow them on my own – i.e. propagation. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try but felt incredibly nervous about starting, especially because most of my existing plants were on the “younger” side. But if I’m being honest, my fears came from simply not knowing ANYTHING about how to grow roots from a cutting and the question of “would I kill my mother plant in the process?” really deterred me on doing it until I knew a bit more about what I was about to get into…

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