Repurposing Household Items Into Planters

If you’re like me, you’ve probably already begun some of your Spring cleaning – seeing that it’s officially March & since we’ve been in our homes for a solid year now. Despite working from home for several years pre-pandemic, something that never fails to distract me is the endless need to declutter & clean every inch of square footage I’m in. I simply cannot work in a space that doesn’t inspire me or feels too busy with things we’ve decided to keep but never acknowledge (i.e. coffee cups, cute but random jars never put to use, etc.)

I recently spent a solid 2 hours decluttering our kitchen cabinets, placing several items in a ‘donation’ pile I had planned to drop off later. Once I was done reorganizing and feeling super accomplished, I took my proud self to a local nursery – Dearborn Market – and promptly purchased myself some Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Soil to repot some of our existing plants. Oh, and I also bought myself 4 more plants because I have zero restraint when it comes to being surrounded by the temptation of houseplants. Little did I realize I didn’t have any pots the right size to fit the 3 smaller succulent buys…whoops.

When I got home and realized my lack of ceramic pot availability, I began to slightly panic. It’s important to repot your plants out of their plastic nursery pots in order to let the roots disperse and for it to properly receive nutrients to grow. The longer it stays in the plastic pot, the more root-bound it’ll become and the less likely it’ll thrive in your care.

But then I noticed 3 random cups/jars in the donation pile from earlier – all being the perfect sizes for my new plant friends! I swiftly repotted each of them in their new homes, gave each a pump of Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant Food for an added boost of nutrients and placed them in their new locations around the house.

Please enjoy this fun video of behind the scenes repotting these succulents below. In the event this full frame view is hard to watch, I’ve also uploaded this video on my Pinterest here.

I had so much fun repotting these little guys & loved the fact I was upcycling some of my old home decor items by giving them a second life as a pot. Knowing how much potential there is with random things found around the house, I encourage you to keep it in mind as you reorganize & Spring clean this year. You never know what might become the perfect home for your new plant!

Photos & Video by Kiera Lanni