What I Packed For My Oregon Ski Trip

Hey Friends & Happy Spring! Feels weird to be sharing a post about what I brought with me on the 2-week ski trip I’m currently on..lolz. But I did get a couple questions recently on some of the pieces I’ve been wearing & sharing on Stories. So figured now is a better time than any to put this post together, while things are still available & especially since winter items are starting to go on sale! Plus if you live someplace where it’s still winter in March/April, then this is possibly applicable information to receive in this moment :]

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Figured I’d start with the items I’m wearing when not on the slopes, considering how much more versatile they are to a majority of you reading this. In the town of Bend, the weather ranges between 40-50°F each day – a chillier, but delightful taste of Spring. Compared to the mountain temps, coming back to this much warmer situation is so nice after a long, generally cold day of skiing.

My plaid shacket has been my go-to coat option for wearing out to dinner/around town. Occasionally, I’ll get a chance to wear this corduroy jacket when it’s leaning more towards the upward 50’s. But for every other occasion, the shacket is my chosen outerwear.

Although I did bring two pairs of jeans with me, I’ve truly only been wearing my Spanx leggings with every ensemble. Mountain towns are extremely relaxed in general, so the dressiest I’m getting for dinner/bar scenes is the legging x oversized sweater/sweatshirt combo. So much more comfortable and realistic. Plus, I’ve been mistaken for a local a handful of times already (wooo goals!)

In terms of shoes other than snow boots, I brought 3 other pairs with me: my running sneakers, house slippers & these combat boots. And for accessories, the handy dandy beanie has been my one and only. Not to mention it’s fantastic for covering that post-mountain ski hair when you want to immediately Après before showering.


I’ve generally stuck to wearing my mom’s vintage Bogner ski suit over the years, but there’s nothing more challenging than using the restroom while in a onesie with all your gear on. So I figured it was time to change my look to make that part of the ski day a bit easier for me.

The best part about my new camo ski jacket & bib pants situation is that both are from Amazon! If you ski/ride, then you know apparel runs stupid expensive sometimes. Not only were these items incredibly affordable, but they’re very warm & water resistant too! Haven’t had any issues with the quality of either thus far.

In terms of underneath layers, I brought my multiple pairs of Sweaty Betty Base Layers (which are on sale right now!) The above set is one of my favorites (sold out in this print but here’s another top & pant combo still available) as it’s very breathable and lightweight yet keeps me feeling very warm & toasty. I also got this blue jacquard base layer & matching pant set which I found to be a little stiffer/heavier material, but great for those very cold ski days. I just recommend sizing up if you get the warmer set, as I can’t imagine trying to squeeze on anything smaller than what I ordered lol.

I also grabbed a few more layering things from Amazon that were at more affordable price points: this 2-pack set of long sleeve thermal tops, this 1/4 zip pullover to wear under my coat (& this quilted pullover too), as well as these cozy warm ski socks. Also grabbed a set of warm headbands to wear under my helmet, as well as for outdoor chilly runs, and last but not least – this bandana face mask! Honestly so happy about the latter, as it makes for a great ski mask as well as a face mask you can wear around town too. It’s not the warmest material, but I personally love it for that reason – I can continue to wear it into all the upcoming seasons ahead while we still have to mask up.

That’s all I got for now! I can’t wait to share our trip recap with you all soon at the conclusion of our trip. We’re having the best time in this awesome part of OR & think you’ll absolutely love it too!