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My 10 lbs Fitness Story

This post was originally drafted in early March. I chose to keep the original content (i.e. thoughts/feelings/emotions) written at the time & in addition, have provided a brief update on where I am now, after implementing the below action steps I’ve set for myself. My intention in writing this post was in hopefulness that it would hold me accountable for the progress I intend to continue to share on this platform…

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Resolution Reset: 2021 Edition

In last week’s post, I briefly shared my January Intentions of getting my health & wellness back on track. Along with weekly exercise, in my effort of kicking 2020 bad habits to the curb, I’ve been focusing on small additions to my everyday routine outside of the gym – starting with the simplest of  changes with how I take my coffee & new ways I spend my morning hour(s) before getting into the work grind. Although these “changes” are brand new, they’ve proven not to disrupt nor take away from anything I’ve enjoyed prior in how I used to go about my day (so far…)

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