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6 Months of Levi: What’s Worked For Us & Best Purchases So Far

I can’t believe our lil Levi is already 6 months old! She was born February 5th of this year & we welcomed her to our home late March, after waiting close to a full year since placing our deposit for her. Like all new additions to a household, these past 4 months have been full of amazing highs and defeating lows – and lots of frustration in-between that comes with any lifestyle adjustment. But I can’t imagine my life without her now & absolutely adore every strand of hair on her precious, soft furry head. Through all the ups & downs, becoming a dog mom has been a dream come true for me & I’m so excited for all that’s to come with raising our incredible girl.

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Feeding Manny Like Family

About three years ago, I shared the most terrifying story – most fur parents can relate by personal experience or biggest fear imagined – my cat, Manny, almost died. He…

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