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Cheers to 32

Seeing that I spent 7 months of my 31st year preggo, my list of 32 things has been influenced strongly by my circumstances. However, I feel now more than ever that I TRULY understand myself better than I could have known. Pregnancy was not enjoyable for me, but being gifted with the opportunity to be able to carry our girls (let alone to 37 weeks) is something I’ll never ever take for granted…

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This is 31

I try to post X amount of things with each birthday to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime age experience, with the goal of looking back at them as a sort of time capsule meets flashback. What I’m finding to be important to share this year at 31 might mean diddly-squat in the upcoming years as I get older, but I know I’ll love seeing the shift in priorities and appreciate the journey.

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My Mantra For 2022

Instead of goals/resolutions, I enter each new year with the focus of embodying a Mantra for the 12 months ahead. Something to constantly remind myself of with every intention coming my direction, from personal obligations to work-related settings & everything in-between. For 2022, my mantra is…

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