10 Ways I’m Resetting This January


I’ve never been a fan of New Year Resolutions. I find them to be extremely daunting and should you not meet what you set out to accomplish by December… The guilt! The shame! Not the best way to end nor kickoff the year if you ask me.

Monthly Goals I could get behind but, even still, if I didn’t meet them in the time I expected to, I felt utterly disappointed in myself. It entirely depends on the person’s self-discipline for sure, but life does tend to find a way to derail the journey one way or another. Getting back on track isn’t always the easiest – we can all understand that.

So I’m trying something new this month – 10 Reset Tasks. For my physical, mental & emotional well-being. Yes, the hope is that I continue these into the next month + so on but do I have to? No. If something doesn’t work for me & my routine, then I’ll swap it for something else. Essentially everything I’ve listed below are things I should be doing – they’re all just healthier options to my existing day-to-day. None of it is demanding or for any external purpose. They’re all simply for me to feel the best version of me internally, under the aspects of which I can control.

Physical Reset 

2-3 salad meals per week

2 dedicated workouts (classes/sessions) per week

No alcohol M-TH (or swap a weekend day if consumption happens)

In bed by 10 every night (at least to rest, not expected to sleep immediately)

Drink even more water, especially this time of year

Mental/Emotional Reset 

Continue honoring the “Let Them Theory”

Write work/personal To Do Lists for the next day, the night before

Implementing the “One Minute Rule”

Limit # of optional social obligations, especially on weekends

1-2 external methods of self-care for the month (manicure, massage, haircut, etc.)

What do you think of these 10 reset ideas? Would this be something you’d get behind to give a try? I’m curious about how I’ll feel by the end of the month!