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My name is Tilden, I’m 29 years young, New Jersey born & raised and currently living in Hoboken.
I started To Be Bright on January 22, 2013 during my senior year in college. It began as an online resume/portfolio to help me land a job in New York, focusing on sharing my graphic design projects and personal contributions to the student magazine. Little did I realize how much this passion project would change my life, especially my career.
Shortly after starting TBB, I began posting captures of my personal style in an effort to show myself as a credible college student who likes to dress well, look the part, & is worthy of employment. With zero income & a parental-controlled monthly allowance, I had to get creative with how to make my budgeted style appear ‘tasteful & credible’ to an industry elite.
This led to finding ways to cheat the system, from scouting retailers to shop quality from at an affordable cost to teaching myself how to design a website instead of hiring a developer. I shared everything I discovered on my blog – from what colors always look great together in an outfit and where to score a designer-inspired look for less, to how I designed my own business cards and the steps I took to go from 1,000 to 14,000 page views in less than one month.
To Be Bright is the destination of optimism & positivity, reflected through personal style. This is where I’ve decided to share my world with you, in the hopes of providing inspiration for anyone who can relate to the life I’m currently living. Through this platform, I’ve been given the opportunity to develop into the person I’ve always wanted to be & I encourage anyone who has a passion of his/her own to see it through. You never know what it could become for you & your future.

☆ I’m the oldest of 3 girls & the only brunette in my immediate family
☆ Before the blog, I was a Nationally ranked horseback rider & recruited for The University of South Carolina’s NCAA Equestrian Team in 2009; I no longer show but enjoy riding my old 4-legged partner Nikko for fun when I can!
☆ I only get (3) colors on my nails during a manicure; white, light grey, or charcoal; but I’m really starting to like the color mauve & need to find a good shade of it soon
☆ My personality type is an “outgoing introvert” which is an oxymoron on par with “jumbo shrimp” and “deafening silence.” My life can be an unusual mix of traits and tendencies that only I can truly appreciate.
☆ Oreos & Cheez-Its are my guilty pleasure, together…don’t judge, it’s a salty/sweet thing
☆ I spoke at TEDx about the importance of putting your passion online to secure your future, just as how my blog did for me! You can watch it below or click here to witness how nervous I was!
☆ I’m an organized neat freak and calm my anxious OCD moments by cleaning; just call me the perfect wife in training…lol
☆ When it comes to jewelry, I wear gold around my neck & wrists and silver on my fingers; I rarely/never change my earrings
☆ #1 on my bucket list: Skydive in Hawaii; The pictures would be so epic!
☆ I LOVE getting emails from my readers, so shoot me a message with a question or just to say hi anytime!
☆ For more fun facts, check out my FAQ Page &/or my Video Q&A!

Defining  TO BE BRIGHT

Bright – 1) giving out or reflecting a lot of light; shining – 2) quick-witted; intelligent – 3) characterized by happiness or gladness – 4) confident; optimistic.

I wear clothes that make me feel good both on the inside & outside. When I’m happy with what I’m wearing, I become the best version of myself. For me, that’s what is most important when putting outfits together.

Our clothes often reflects who we are as an individual, from our physical preferences to our innermost attitudes. Style runs deep and shines on the surface. At the same time, so does our confidence. We may not show it 24/7 but its something within us that emerges when we’re confronted with a passion. And it starts with what we choose to wear and what makes us essentially feel “bright.”

That Time I Spoke at  TEDx

I’m so unbelievably blessed to have began living my dream at only 26 years old; but the journey there was far from smooth. I faced more personal/professional/emotional setbacks and discouragement than I ever imagined when getting my feet off the ground post-college.

But I never gave up on pursuing the ONE thing that gave me such joy during these dark times; I kept reminding myself that all my hard work and dedication WILL pay off in the end. And guess what, IT DID!

The goal I set when delivering this talk is to hopefully inspire someone to put their passion out there and see where it takes them. Get ahead of the game by getting started on something you can call your own, something that just might become your full time job.

If you do what you love, then you never have to work a day in your life.

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