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My name is Tilden, I’m 26 years young, New Jersey born & raised and currently living in New York City.
I started To Be Bright on January 22, 2013 in my college apartment at 2:00am EST.
What began as an online resume/portfolio has become a fully-focused life & style blog from organic growth & follower feedback.
My personal style is a direct reflection of the relaxed beachy vibes of my hometown mixed with the edginess and sophistication of the concrete jungle.
Every day is an adventure & I couldn’t be happier putting together content with hopes it inspires someone!

☆ I’m the oldest of 3 girls & the only brunette in my immediate family
☆ Before the blog, I was a Nationally ranked horseback rider & recruited for The University of South Carolina’s NCAA Equestrian Team in 2009; I no longer show but enjoy riding my old 4-legged partner Nikko for fun when I can!
☆ I only get (3) colors on my nails during a manicure; white, light grey, or charcoal; but I’m really starting to like the color mauve & need to find a good shade of it soon
☆ My personality type is an “outgoing introvert” which is an oxymoron on par with “jumbo shrimp” and “deafening silence.” My life can be an unusual mix of traits and tendencies that only I can truly appreciate.
☆ Oreos & Cheez-Its are my guilty pleasure, together…don’t judge, it’s a salty/sweet thing
☆ I’m an organized neat freak and calm my anxious OCD moments by cleaning; just call me the perfect wife in training…lol
☆ When it comes to jewelry, I wear gold around my neck & wrists and silver on my fingers; I rarely/never change my earrings
☆ #1 on my bucket list: Skydive in Hawaii; The pictures would be so epic!
☆ I LOVE getting emails from my readers, so shoot me a message with a question or just to say hi anytime!
☆ For more fun facts, check out my FAQ Page &/or my Video Q&A!

Defining  TO BE BRIGHT

Bright – 1) giving out or reflecting a lot of light; shining – 2) quick-witted; intelligent – 3) characterized by happiness or gladness – 4) confident; optimistic.

I wear clothes that make me feel good both on the inside & outside. When I’m happy with what I’m wearing, I become the best version of myself. For me, that’s what is most important when putting outfits together.

Our clothes often reflects who we are as an individual, from our physical preferences to our innermost attitudes. Style runs deep and shines on the surface. At the same time, so does our confidence. We may not show it 24/7 but its something within us that emerges when we’re confronted with a passion. And it starts with what we choose to wear and what makes us essentially feel “bright.”

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  • Reply girlychristina September 21, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    Great blog! It’s cheerful and fun =) I also love your style!

  • Reply Nahoj ib July 7, 2014 at 12:08 am

    You are indeed chic! Also your blog is professional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Reply Sara September 26, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    So..I just met you on the elevator and where are the shoes from!?! ?

    • Reply Tilden September 28, 2015 at 7:44 pm


      They’re from Steve Madden! I’m pretty sure they’re still available too. I got them a few months ago but a friend of mine just got hers last week.


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