We’re Building A House!

Other than our twin pregnancy, this is the second biggest surprise I’ve been waiting to share/reveal on the blog. We’re building a house! The best part – it’s the same property that our 2-bed 1-bath, first home once stood. Last August, Thomas and I said goodbye to the structure that literally began everything for us – our decision to get married & to start a family, and everything in-between that ultimately led to our decision to demo & build.

We adored our little house, but it wasn’t suitable for a family of 4 humans + dog. Even with a renovation, it would be a big project trying to make the existing footprint work. Casually we’d chat about maybe one day building a larger home here, until that hypothetical became an actual option. Given the market & what’s available in surrounding towns, there’s nothing we found comparable to what our beautiful waterfront location has. As I got farther along in my pregnancy, the need for more space was fast approaching; by Fall of 2022, we made the decision to start from scratch.

Excited is an understatement & I’m beyond thrilled to have a new focus to share here on the blog. I’ve always loved & appreciated interior design, yet never felt the motivation to go full throttle with some of the projects I dreamed of. Living in someone else’s home (the little house was Thomas’s) or a rental unit practically all my life, I didn’t feel comfortable investing in DIY or decoration efforts that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy longer than a year or so. This is my first true home, one that has my name on the deed, one we won’t physically outgrow & have to move out of within a few years (I hope lol.)

Here’s to the next chapter of raising our family on the property that began it all when Thomas proposed. What an absolute dream we are living! Stay tuned for more as I share all the things leading up to the final reveal in the upcoming months.