Sunny & Hazel’s 1st Chair Affair

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been one year since these little girlies joined us Earth side. Guys.. I survived the first year of twin motherhood! And yes, I’ll admit that time certainly does go by fast but not going to lie, I’m so relieved we’re here now. Newborn stage was ROUGH, and the following months were certainly better if we’re comparing to the first 3. But now that they’re one, the routine is much more relaxed and becoming genuinely enjoyable. We’re eating table foods, off the formula (shoutout Bobbie!) & transitioning to whole milk, and down to one 3-hour nap each day. We have more flexibility with the schedule and have a comfort level I’m so proud of, when managing the girls’ needs in/outside the home.

Becoming a parent for the first time, no matter the size of litter (lol), cannot be compared to ANYTHING else experienced in your lifetime. It’s important to reflect on how far you’ve come with every month leading up to that first year. And especially as moms, we too have to reward our own milestones – like the first solo outing in the car, the first trip to the grocery store or errands, the first time leaving them in someone else’s trusted care, the first time out at a restaurant, etc. Even if the experience goes to complete sh*t, reward yourself for even trying. Because nothing is going to be easy the way it was before a child was in-tow. We just learn to adapt and prepare in record speed, as well as expect the worst while hoping for the best.

We have much more to learn as we raise our little ladies & twin toddlerhood is bound to be a time of chaos. But I’m so excited for all of it. My hope in sharing these memories here that they’ll live a little longer than just in my head. Maybe one day the girls will come across all of it and be thankful that in a time of iPhones taking the place of home movies, they’ll be left with a digital journal of their milestone moments from the perspective of their mom.

Personally, I was super stoked about this birthday theme given their late Jan date. Hoping we can make it an annual thing (selfishly lol) or better yet, can plan a family ski trip to celebrate each year for a few years until they’re sick of it. For the cake smash photos, Laura (who also made our wedding cake) offered to take these a few days before so I had them to post with on the actual birthday. SO HAPPY I did it, mess and all (so so messy) but these photos are timeless & worth the 3 baths it took afterward.

If you’re in the local Monmouth County, NJ area & interested in booking Laura for a cake smash photoshoot, check out her IG here for more details. She makes the cakes & helps you with your vision every step of the way to get the ultimate 1st (or any young age) birthday photos you’d proudly frame.


Custom Letter Balloons

White Balloons + Faux Greenery

Chair Lift Tapestry (bought the Queen size)

Background Stand

Mini Globe String Lights

Assorted Ski Stickers

Ski-Themed Cups, Plates, & Cocktail Napkins

Custom Can Beverage Koozies

Ski Gondola Banner

1st Birthday Hat (another cute one)


Ski Girl Sweater

Corduroy Leggings

Ski Goggle Beanie

Fleece Booties

Checkered Onesie Romper (worn in cake smash photos)


Embroidered Custom Name Sweater

Wonder & Wise Busy Board

Mini Boat & Fishing Accessories

Wooden Animal Puzzle

Maileg Stuffed Hippo & Stuffed Giraffe

Monogram LL Bean Zip-Top Bags (Medium Size)

Feel & Touch Animal Board Books