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My Postpartum Hair Care Essentials

I’m about 10 months postpartum & I’ll say upfront that I’ve had it pretty good when it comes to hair thinning. Yes, there are a few patches where it’s noticeable around my face frame and it definitely falls out easier than pre-pregnancy. Here are the products I’ve been using in rotation since January.

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How To Best Support a New (and/or) Overwhelmed Parent

I know how difficult it can be to navigate this time as a supportive friend or family member; especially if the person who’s recently had a baby is the first one in your social circle. To be honest, I thought I had an impression of what to expect in terms of surface-level childcare, given how often I babysat infants growing up, and personal postpartum care based my recent research whilst pregnant. Reality: You truly have no idea of the magnitude until you’re living it personally…

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