My Postpartum Hair Care Essentials

I’m about 10 months postpartum & I’ll say upfront that I’ve had it pretty good when it comes to hair thinning. Yes, there are a few patches where it’s noticeable around my face frame and it definitely falls out easier than pre-pregnancy. Especially when the girls grab at it & there’s more left on my hairbrush after brushing these days, for sure. But overall, it hasn’t been that noticeable & the shower drain can attest to this. I don’t know if its genetic luck or a result of my hair care regiment & the products I’ve been using in rotation since January – maybe a combination of both. My hair has always been on the thicker side, and I’m happy to see that aspect of it hasn’t changed much to my visible eye. Needless to say, if there’s more thinning happening that I’m unaware of, these products are doing a fabulous job of making it seem like my hair is in its regrowth era.

I considered taking hair supplements in the beginning, which I’m all for if necessary. My sister & mom take Wellbel and love the results thus far. I’ve also heard great things from friends taking Nutrafol. Both were on my list to take if I found that my hair was coming out in obvious clumps. So far I’m still hair supplement-free, but I wouldn’t shy away from these if I felt they were needed or if my hair was already naturally thinner pre-pregnancy.

The only thing I continued taking daily since giving birth is my Prenatal Vitamin (this brand is the best, easy on the stomach too.) I figured why not? It has all the good things your body needs + gives your hair/skin/nails that extra oomph of support. It’s possible that my continuation of taking it each morning has contributed to my hair growth & volume maintenance.

Here are the products I’ve been using in rotation since January. Please note that I’m not claiming these to be the reason my hair is the way it is postpartum as a result. Only implying that they might have helped in some way that is visibly noticeable. And it took about 5/6 months to realize my hair was performing well with these products, too. Nothing is an overnight miracle worker but are suggestions of what you can try out if you’re looking for thicker, shinier hair (postpartum or not.)


Davines SOLU Shampoocleanses/rids of build-up

Davines MELU Shampoo & Conditioneranti-breakage for long/damaged hair

Ouai Thick Hair Shampoo & Conditionersulfate-free rich formula that nourishes dry, dehydrated scalps of this hair type

Ouai Anti-Dandruff Shampooreduces flakiness with one wash & refreshing to the scalp


Davines ELEVATING Scalp Treatmentleave-on formula designed for dry/sensitive heads

Olaplex No. 9 Bond Protectoranti-static, anti-tangle & great for minimizing obvious split-end appearances

Color Wow Pop & Lock High Gloss Finishsecret to tackling frizz before styling & adds shine immediately


Davines Invisible Dry Shampoocleanses, adds volume, refreshes & smells incredible

UNITE Clear Dry Shampooanother great option for darker hair

Color Wow Root Coverup Powder seamlessly blends to cover thinner, hair growth spots


Wet Brushgets the toughest tangles out with ease, use primarily when hair is wet/damp

Mason Pearson Brusha splurge but cannot recommend a better brush for dry hair, worth every penny

Silk Hair Tiesallow for minimal pulling, preserving strands better and gentler


If you have dry skin/prone to dandruff – especially in the winter

Someone told me that rinsing with colder water prior to exiting the shower would help my hair dry with shine, as well as help keep my skin from feeling itchy/hot once toweled off. Generally my skin is super dry (winter is my worst season) and it often shows in my scalp with unsightly flakes. I want to say it’s working in both regards since opting to end a steamy shower with a cooler finish. Also find my body feels really good afterward too, like the circulation has a boost of sorts.

Using less heat has its visible benefits

I’ve allowed my hair to air dry post-shower unless I was getting ready for a meeting, special event, dinner etc. when I needed to appear presentable. Overall, my personal use of heat tools has drastically minimized, now only 4-6x each month – before kids, I probably used hot air or an iron on my hair every other day on a weekly basis. Lack of time / willingness to style my hair in full each day might have contributed to its benefit haha.