Our Current Routine With 6-Month-Old Twins & How We Manage It All

Please keep in mind that this schedule/routine is based on what works for our specific family dynamic & our specific children, with our pediatrician’s approval in terms of feeding amount/frequency.

Depending on the day, it doesn’t always go according to plan – especially on the weekends. Which is fine! We strive for some sort of routine 90% of the time but have found remaining flexible has been the key to avoiding overwhelm, at least for us.

What is shared below is our general M-F situation, with weekends planned around an activity or a trip to the beach, etc. So naturally, the below schedule doesn’t always work. Yet, we have a good idea of when the girls are expected to be tired these days and we use the opportunities out of the house to practice napping in the stroller or car seat, so we’re not limited to the crib being the only place they fall asleep.

This is not intended to be a concrete regiment, nor is it ideal for every family out there. Refer to this post simply as a guide or just to get a basic idea of how we structure our day with twins at this age. If your routine was/is different, that’s ok & expected!


6:30 – 7am: girls wake up

7:15 – 7:30am: brought downstairs & first bottle feed (6oz)

7:45 – 9:15am: playtime in playpen or activity jumperoo toy – change into day clothes

9:30am: first nap in crib

10:30/11am: second bottle feed (6oz)


11:30am – 1pm: playtime, stroller walk outside, introduce a puréed food

1:15pm: second nap in crib

~2pm: third bottle feed (6oz)


3 – 5:00pm: possible catnap downstairs in bounce chair or contact nap if held, playtime if not sleeping

5:30/6pm: fourth & final bottle feed (6oz)

6:30 – 7pm: go upstairs, change into PJs & overnight diaper, lights out bedtime

Of course as the girls continue to grow and their needs change, so will our routine/intended schedule above. But in this moment, I’m sharing it to serve as a memento for myself of what our weeks looked like when the girls were this age :]

You can only control what you can, which includes planning ahead and making a constant effort to remain organized. If everything you need is set & ready to go, you’ll be able to better manage the chaos and unpredictability that young kids love to spring upon us daily

First thing in the morning or the day before:

Set a timer of 30 minutes to reset the nursery, ideally before morning coffee & after first bottle feed – empty diaper pail, restock diaper drawer & wipes, throw load of laundry in, change crib sheets, etc. Getting ahead of the chores early sets the pace for the rest of the day, mentally. Plus, it’s one less thing to worry about later on, as the day progresses.

If formula-feeding: Prep the Brezza Pitcher to use throughout the day; after each feeding, make the next bottles and store in fridge for quick grab & use when the time comes, so you’re ahead of the game. One of the best tricks we can recommend is getting your baby used to having a cold bottle. It saves a ton of time and enables more flexibility when on-the-go, not having to worry about heating anything up to a specific temperature each time.

When leaving the house with kids: Pack the bag(s) & stroller into the car the day or night before; if you can’t leave things in car (too hot or not ideal) then have them ready by the door for when the time comes. I personally keep our main, large diaper backpack in the car at all times (filled with things that can withstand heat during summer) & I pack a smaller, more accessible tote for the items we’ll be reaching for most or can’t be exposed to extreme temperatures for a long period of time (if left in car) – such as: bottle bag with X amount of bottles needed, formula + water-source, bibs/burp cloths, change of clothing, portable changing pad with diapers & wipes, mini first aid kid, etc. For a complete list of what I pack in our diaper bag, check out this post here.

At the end of the day:

Restock diaper bag – more diapers (the right size), make sure you have enough wipes, clean bibs/burp cloths/set of clothes

Charge devices – portable sound machine &/or stroller fans, especially if you plan to use them in the upcoming days

Straighten up living room, tidy up toys & playpen baskets

Fold any remaining baby laundry and place in basket to put away in the morning

Wash & store all bottles – a clean counter/sink makes for a happy parent the morning after. Having these space-saving drying bottle racks & tray, along with our Brezza Dryer/Sanitizer makes for efficient tidying up.

Believe me, I understand the level of exhaustion at the end of the day; sometimes it sounds better to wake up early and do it before baby wakes up. Guess what: you’re likely to snooze that alarm and sleep as long as you can instead (been there, regretted that.) I can assure you just getting it done the night before will position you for a far more pleasant morning the following day. The overwhelm that comes with a messy kitchen/living space is not an ideal way to start your day. And naturally, every morning has the potential to go haywire at any given moment. All the more reason to get ahead of the chaos!