Diaper Bag Essentials

The key to success when traveling out of the house with an infant, especially when dealing with twins, is organization! I think that goes without saying but as a very Type A person, it’s something I appreciate more about myself now that I’m a mom of two 2-month-olds now. I’m also someone who’s always been a chronic over-packer when it came to trips, but I feel there’s no better time to be or become one than when you’re a first time mom navigating how to make leaving the house less stressful.

Honestly, I’m much more at ease doing so (walking out the door) because I’m so prepared given what I know I’ve packed in our diaper bag. And as a result, I’m more willing to go out with the twins on my own. For me, having that sense of freedom and ability to continue on with my previous life is so important. Yes it’s different now and requires a few more steps, but I’ve found it very much doable so long as I have everything I could possibly need within arms reach.

Backpack > Tote Bag

I’ve always been a backpack girl and especially when dealing with two infants, I knew a backpack would be my choice of diaper bag without a doubt. Any excuse to have my hands “free” or at least readily available is a better outcome for me. There are a lot of things I love about my Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack – the color, the straps & clips for attachments (i.e. sound machine, bottle bag) & the easy-to-clean neoprene fabric. I have the large size which fits all my twin essentials, as well as some of my own things which I’ll share below. The storage and space within is undeniably generous.

However – I should note that as much as I’m Team Backpack, I know there are mamas out there that are strongly Team Tote. That being said, Dagne Dover makes a diaper bag version in tote form too that has the right amount of storage & durability for what you’d be looking for.

I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping this backpack packed and in the car at all times, with the exception of restocking or replacing some of the items as needed inside (i.e. dirty clothing.) But in general, this bag rarely leaves the car so it’s always packed and ready – something I’ve found to be a great time-saver when dealing with getting the kids ready for an adventure in the car.

Wet/Dry Bags

Extra set of footed onesies, socks, sweaters & hats (depending on weather)

One extra empty bag to store dirty clothing

Organization Pouches

There’s nothing better than knowing where to find something, especially when dealing with a lot of things you might need at a given moment. No one likes digging through an abyss of loose items within a backpack, at least not me. And when your kid(s) is screaming, time is of the essence to locate the solution. I personally have (3) pouches that hold all the essentials I’d need for the kids or myself, as well as for any sort of “emergency.” It might be excessive to carry so many things with you but I believe it’s better to be safe than sorry & bring it if it fits, especially when dealing with the unpredictable (aka children.)

For Baby

(2) Pacifiers + Storage Case

(4) Burp Cloths, Breastfeeding/Car Seat Cover

Aveeno Baby All-Over Cleansing Wipes

(Travel-Size) Kids’ First Aid Kit, Nasal Aspirator, Snot Sucker, Thermometer (Newborn Thermometer)

(Travel-Size) Baby Lotion & Hair Brush, On-The-Go Manicure Kit

Baby-Size Sunglasses

Portable Sound Machine

For Mama

Portable Charger(s)

Chapstick, Hair Ties, Bobby Pins, Mini Hair Brush

Gum or Mints

Extra Pair of Sunglasses

For Everything Else

Tide-to-Go Pen(s)

Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Spray

(Travel-Size) Baby Vaseline/Aquaphor, Diaper Cream, Hand Sanitizer

Portable Changing Pad

Several Diapers & Extra Pack of Wipes

Portable Wipe Dispenser

Puppy Pads (in case of a messy emergency)

Doggy Bags (for dirty diapers)

Portable Insulated Bottle Bag

Extra Ice Packs

Portable Formula Dispenser

(2) Extra Bibs