Newborn Products: Our Favorite Everyday Essentials

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Please keep in mind, these items are chosen based on our unique (twin) scenario & their current needs. When you hear the phrase “every baby is different” — BELIEVE IT. Just because there are some things we like or prefer over others doesn’t mean it will/won’t benefit you or your child. The first few weeks & months are literally a trial-and-error phase, and I’m sure some of the items we’re relying on now will be replaced or substituted for others as the girls grow. Use this roundup simply as a starting point of suggestions because newborn life is tough AF. Sometimes you need all the recs you can get in an instant when you’re bleary-eyed at 3am with a screaming baby.


Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Bottles – the nipple shape makes it easy for our girls to consume feeds, less gassy as a result

OXO Tot Bottle Drying Rack (+ This Space-Saving Rack) – air dries everything much quicker than the one that looks like grass

Baby Brezza Bottle Sterilizer – we have ours running at least once a day for quick 45-min sanitations

Muslin Burp Cloths – you’ll need a lot of these, not just for feeds but for bathing and clean ups


Portable Sound Machine + Hatch Rest – we use both for white noise and the girls sleep much better with it (when they do actually sleep)

Nanit Pro Baby Monitor – gives us the most peace of mind, allows us to leave the nursery without fear due to the safety/monitor features

Amazing Baby Hands Up Swaddle – allows baby access to move their arms/hands safely if they like to Houdini out of everything else

Velcro Swaddle – easy to wrap up at nighttime, less worry about the baby wiggling out of the swaddle blanket if you take your eyes off them

Magnetic Me Sleepers/Onesies – makes for quick changes in the middle of the night, our favorite items of clothing currently


Hatch Grow Changing Pad – easy to wipe clean and captures baby’s growth/weight

Baby Aquaphor + Diaper Rash Cream – you’ll use both for every diaper change

Aveeno Baby All-Over Wipes – so gentle on skin, great for wiping baby hands/face/neck after feeding

Baby Bum Hand Sanitizer – an essential & smells so good

Noodle & Boo Newborn Essentials + DermaFrida – So gentle on the skin, the 3-step system has been great for tackling cradle cap flakes

Blooming Lotus Bath Sink Insert – perfect for when they’re teeny and you want to spare your back from bending over in the tub

Electric Baby Nail Trimmer – this makes dealing with their tiny sharp nails MUCH easier / less scary for the parent


Nuna PIPA Lite RX Car Seat – Easily the lightest car seat around, makes for carrying two at a time much more feasible

Tiny Traveler Video Car Monitor – With this, I don’t have to divert my attention to looking at two mirrors behind me while driving. This video set up with split screen (+ add on camera) has been ideal for the twins

Dagne Dover Indi Backpack – One of my fave baby gifts received; I have the large size and it holds EVERYTHING

Itzy Ritzy Bottle Bag – Easy to clip onto the backpack to transport extra bottles, insulated for cooling packs if needed

Pacifier Storage Case – Ideal for keeping these clean while not losing track of them either

Wet/Dry Bags – Great for storing extra sets of clothes, as well as where to keep the wet/soiled ones


Bibs Pacifiers (+ Portable Sanitizer) – super lightweight, easy for baby to suck on, several nipple shapes available

(Twin) Bassinet / Pack N’ Play – great for naps in whatever room you’re in, PNP has a diaper changing station

BabyBjorn Bouncer / Nuna Swing – for whenever baby is awake or needs to remain upright post-feed & you have your hands full already

DockATot – a great lounger option if you “travel” from room to room & need a place to rest baby down *not safe for sleep unsupervised*ย 

BabyBjorn Newborn Carrier – we started using these around the house the minute the girls hit 7lbs and it’s been a game changer

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets – beyond soft and snuggly

Folex Cleaning Spray + Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treatment: Best carpet/upholstery & stain removers to use with pets/kids