Twin Nursery Reveal

I’m so excited to be sharing the girls’ shared nursery! This was a small labor of love to finish prior to their arrival, especially considering how difficult it was for me to get around & how I was feeling the months leading up to delivery. But thanks to Thomas + his rapid-assembly skills, my sister & my mom, we got it done well in time before welcoming the twins home.

It’s such a serene space – cozy, feminine boho vibes. My MIL chose the wall paint color – Benjamin Moore ‘First Light’ – and that helped me choose all the remaining pieces of the room to cohesively come together as so. Not gonna lie, I’ve become a BIG fan of pink recently (blame the #girlmom I’ve become) but when it’s this gorgeous and calming, how can you not love it? It’s the muted pop of color I desired without being deemed entirely as “sad beige.”

Be sure to scroll to the end for all the links to direct & similar items in the room.

Every part of the room makes me happy, but my most favorite part of the entire space has to be the floral area rug. My sister and I originally found it in a 4′ x 7′ size at Homegoods and decided to purchase it in a larger 7.6″ x 9.6″ size to better fit the room. It truly serves as the focal point that brings my love of plants & flowers in without being too garden-girly.

The girls’ washed natural wooden cribs are convertible to eventually turn into toddler beds, which if you know me is a fantastic motive behind its purchase. They were reasonably priced and easy to assemble too (according to Thomas) and I’m very happy with their quality so far. I wanted a crib with the bars all the way around, as I knew I’d be setting them up this particular way to maximize the space for the rest of the room. On a personal note, the space underneath cribs when the mattress is hiked all the way to the top setting bothers me a lot – hence the addition of these scalloped crib skirts to cover the gap.

What isn’t visible but should be mentioned are the breathable / washable crib mattresses underneath the sheets. I’ve heard so many great things about Newton due to its material & ease of cleaning. Just one more thing to rest easy about as a new mom when the girls begin to sleep on their stomachs.

This power recliner/glider has become my second bed in the last month. I absolutely love it in all ways imaginable – comfort, aesthetic, functionality. It reclines way farther back than you’d think, complete with footrest. The winged back allows for a comfortable place to rest your sleepy head. And the icing on the cake – it comes with a USB port to charge your device(s).

The best part is that this boucle fabric upholstered chair is so good looking that it will stand the test of time, outliving the naps & story time usage as the girls grow up. 10/10 recommend if you’re in the market for a nursery chair you’ll plan to keep for yourself.

Four things I want to highlight at our diapering station here:

The drawers of this extra-wide dresser are the perfect depth for storing all things from diapers to onesies to swaddles, you name it. I love that it’ll be a staple in the girls’ room for years to come.

This Hatch Grow Changing Pad also serves as a scale and is a fantastic to track baby’s weight while documenting diaper changes/growth. You can set it up to properly track twins on the same account, too. Plus – it’s the easiest thing to clean when those accidents happen outside of the clean diaper.

This cute, sophisticated sconce light looks like it’s hardwired, but it’s not! We needed a light over in this corner, otherwise diaper changes in the middle of the night were going to be challenging. This sconce comes in a 2-pack with a battery-powered light that I make sure to charge every other day (thank you recliner chair for the USB port!) It does hold a charge for much longer, but sometimes the Night Nurses like to leave it on during the whole night. The bulb comes with a remote that’s dimmable so no harsh light disrupting the girls’ sleep. Plus, it’s become a habit for me to plug in the bulb each morning when I reset the nursery that I don’t find it an annoying extra step to do so. I hope to find another use for the second sconce soon because they’re so nifty and look like the real deal, without the hardwiring price tag to install.

Lastly, the Ubbi Diaper Pail is a steel trap when it comes to sealing in the smell of used diapers. I’m seriously impressed how locked up it is, when it comes to stank trying to seep through the cracks. I have yet to notice anything unsanitary in the air.

I’m very grateful the closet in this room was deep enough to hold a second dresser, as storage couldn’t be more of an essential for us. I also love that it can hold a majority of the adorable clothing we received as gifts from our shower. I love being able to see everything hung up, divided & organized by sizing thanks to these handy dandy tags. These child clothing hangers are definitely a bit *extra* but honestly, it makes for a gorgeous aesthetic as far as baby closets go.

The over-the-door hanging organizer is a bit random at the moment – I haven’t found its true purpose yet other than holding gifted rattles/toys and the sleep sacks the girls will eventually grow into. But I’m thankful to have it, and for its functionality. Also not pictured are the gold brushed adhesive hooks holding the baby carriers on the wall – I didn’t want to drill anything and these matched the vibe of hardware on the clothing rod.


3-in-1 Convertible Crib | Secret Garden Crib Sheet | Wildflower Crib Sheet | Scalloped Crib Skirt | Breathable Crib Mattress

Large Area Rug | Nanit Smart Baby Monitor | Sun & Moon Mobile | Bee Hive Mobile | Wooden Mobile Arm

Power Recliner | Throw Blanket | 3-in-1 Humidifier | Rattan Nightstand & Cheetah Lamp | Acrylic Bookshelves | Sunshine Curtains & Rod

Diapering Station

Extra-Wide Dresser | Hatch Grow Changing Pad | Laundry Hamper | Ubbi Diaper Pail + Disposable Bags | Ubbi Wipe Dispenser | Diaper Caddy | Battery Wall Sconce

Bookshelf Details

Similar Spindel Bookshelf | Hatch Rest+ Sound Machine | Cuddle & Kind Dolls | Wooden Rainbow | Wooden Book | Stackable Rings

 Wooden Blocks | Natural Baby Toy | Carousel Music Box | Rocking Horse| Nuna LEAF Grow Swing

Closet Storage

Over-The-Door Organizer | Similar Wood Dresser | Small Area Rug | Gold Hangers + With Clips | Baby Clothing Size Dividers

Artipoppe Baby Carrier | Serena & Lily Baby Blanket | Wicker Storage Basket| Brushed Gold Adhesive Hooks