Babbleboxx – Best For Pets 2021

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx. As always, all opinions & imagery are 100% my own.

We’ve had our Australian Shepherd Levi with us for 4 months and it’s been such a rewarding time raising this spunky, sassy sweetheart of a puppy. She’s so feisty yet incredibly kind and I honestly don’t know how we got so lucky to be her paw-rents. Introducing her to new things and training her the best we can has been the highlight of my 2021 so far. And with that, comes the opportunity to try a bunch of new (to me) dog products with Levi & sharing what we love here on the blog!

I’m so excited to be featuring the latest dog products we’ve been using/playing with thanks to Babbleboxx & its Best For Pets 2021 Campaign! Everything you see here was gifted for Levi to try & my honest review has been published below. I hope you enjoy & maybe get inspired to try some of these dog-friendly products for yourself + your pupper!


Lately, we’ve noticed Levi having some slight constipation here and there, probably as a result of her puppy kibble and not getting enough water. As a solution to help her pass more easily, we started getting her kibble slightly wet so she can more easily digest it. We also started incorporating 2 tbsp of Solid Gold NutrientBoost™ as a meal topper to her breakfast once and a while to see if would help her out as well, due to its intestinal immune support properties. Powered by plasma, NutrientBoost™ works to help improve digestion & nutrient absorption; with its packed ingredients consisting of minerals, amino acids and antibodies, to fight bad bacteria while protecting the immune system against potential threats. Since introducing this to her diet, Levi has had less constipation and seems to be getting the most out of her 2 cups of kibble each day!

*Suitable for dogs of all life stages – 2 tablespoons per 15 lbs bodyweight. Since this is a grain & gluten-free supplement, we’ve chosen not to incorporate it in every single meal we serve Levi. Just 2-3x a week in her breakfast only, first to see how it worked for her and are continuing to implement as so based on its results in aiding her constipation.


Since she was an infant puppy, Levi has taken a huge interest in her toys – especially stuffed squeakers and ones with rope. She’ll play with a new toy for hours upon receiving and we often find her still playing with them on her own for weeks at a time. In my honest opinion, this makes buying her more toys to play with worth it considering she doesn’t get bored of them easily. Or in this case, receiving two new toys from MultiPet thanks to this campaign!

Introducing Ball-Head Unicorn & Cross-Ropes Duck – two colorful, durable toys made to keep a pup engaged & excited during playtime! Both squeak and encourage tossing/shaking, and are suitable for dogs of all sizes! MultiPet toys are sold at most local & online pet retailers; click here for more info about its products.

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MultiPet Dog Toy Giveaway


You can research/read article after article on what foods are toxic to dog, how to properly train them from the start and everything to consider when bringing a new furry family member home, but there’s nothing quite like an all-in-one, go-to guide for all the above + more in the form of this book! Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog) might be one of the most informative reads I’ve ever received, as it includes tons of vital information when it comes to raising a healthy & happy pupper in 3 easy chapters.

Chapter ‘Eat’ includes information on dog health & diets, as well as DIY healthy dog food recipes to try at home.

Chapter ‘Play‘ covers tips on training & tricks, as well as behavior & lifestyle issues to consider.

Chapter ‘Love’ shares all the things to consider before getting a dog through to traveling with them, as well as options on what to do when your dog’s age/health becomes a priority.


Although Levi is still too young to take these supplement CBD chews, I’m super excited about having them for when the time comes. As a super active & anxious breed, Australian Shepherds are prone to wear & tear on their joints overtime, as well as tend to become “needy” with age. Levi hasn’t shown behavior relating to the latter…yet, but we’ve heard from fellow Aussie owners that anxiousness seems to happen once they hit about 1 year old. We continue to practice “alone time” and encourage her independence as often as we can, but sometimes you can’t help the inevitable. So knowing these CBD chews might do us a lot of good in the future is a nice reassurance, especially after researching all about them and understanding their benefits to its doggy consumer.

A lot of store bought pet supplements/foods lack the nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy dog’s active lifestyle. But Green Gruff proves otherwise, with sustainable methods implemented & organic ingredients included in all its production efforts. These chews have 9 amino acids, more iron than spinach and are significantly more sustainable than beef! And yes, they’re backed by leading veterinarians in the industry.

The two Green Gruff Chews I received are 1) EASE Joint and Hip, and 2) RELAX Calming. Both include CBD, but there are other chew supplements available without. The EASE helps reduce joint/hip pain by boosting cartilage repair, reducing inflammation, enhancing lubrication between joints and aiding in tissue repair. The RELAX helps reduce anxiety, shaking and nervousness brought on by loud noises (like thunderstorms & fireworks) as well as unfamiliar situations that can add stress to a pup (like large crowds.) Both are not immediate reliefs but will prove beneficial to your dog’s active lifestyle with daily use overtime.

KEEP IN MIND – these chews aren’t treats & shouldn’t be given as such; instead, incorporate them into your dog’s morning meal as a daily supplement, like you do with your vitamins.

Now through 8/15, get 30% off either EASE or RELAX (90-Count) Green Gruff Supplements with discount code GGDD30 at checkout!


Budsies Petsies Line, the same company that brought you custom stuffed animals that look like your pet, offers another personalized keepsake you can gift the pet lover in your life (or even yourself or your pet) — a plush pillow featuring one of your own pet photographs. I chose an adorable picture of 8-week-old baby Levi for this pillow – I still can’t believe how much she’s grown in just 4 months! Given that Levi loves to lie on our couch surrounded by throw pillows, I decided to gift her this one as her very own to cuddle with in her crate.

Now through 7/31, get 15% off using code TOBEBRIGHT at checkout!