26 Things About Me!


I’m not nervous/upset/depressed/etc. about turning one year older – in fact, I’m welcoming the 2-6 with open arms. So in an effort to enjoy the one day out of 365 that is #ALLABOUTME in my own mind, I won’t be posting to the blog tomorrow – however, you should definitely follow on Insta/Snap Stories to see what plans I have for the day (wink wink).


I’ve always considered myself a quasi-New Yorker, growing up on the shores of New Jersey but making trips to the concrete jungle for as long as I can remember.

I’m the oldest of 3 girls, which means I grew up with a lot of clothes sharing/stealing (guilty of both, I’ll admit)

Our parents raised us to understand that with hard work, comes reward; as a result, I know how to operate every power tool you can think of.

When I’m not blogging (rare occasion of free time) you can find me outdoors enjoying the sun at the beach in NJ, going for a walk/run, or doing anything active; I’m a HUGE nature enthusiast.

 – – – Kendall: youngest & tallest – – – Piper: her hair is natural blonde! – – –

There are only (4) colors I get on my nails when I get a manicure: white, light pink or blue, dark charcoal.

If I could have any super power, it would be to breathe under water; time to figure out if mermaids exist, right!? Also would be cool to explore the Titanic without a limit on oxygen levels.

My favorite color has RECENTLY become purple (used to be blue) and my LEAST favorite color happens to be pink (although sometimes I’ve worn it and don’t hate it too much.)

I’ve never had a celebrity crush (that was human) – but it’s safe to say I had a slight obsession with Simba from the Lion King (so maybe that means I had a crush on Matthew Broderick’s voice?)

 – – – Exhibit A: My consistent routine when visiting the Disney Store – – –

When I was ages 3-7, my parents truly thought I would go into a music career; I used to throw on my own rendition of the movie “Annie” every night…and memorized the entire soundtrack, in order…clearly didn’t happen once I discovered horses!

I’ve always been obsessed with animals; we used to have a “zoo” because I would try to bring any stray I could home/beg my parents for a new pet on a monthly basis; To this day, we have (3) dogs, (3) mini ponies, (1) African Gray parrot, and (1) cat.

Before the blog, I was a Nationally ranked horseback rider. I started competing seriously at the age of 5 and ended up riding for The University of South Carolina’s NCAA D1 Equestrian Team for 2 years.

The hardest decision I ever had to make was to quit riding, and start from scratch. Essentially figure out what I liked outside of the world I grew up in. Let me tell you, that decision was the scariest, toughest, and most rewarding one I’ve ever made – because it led to To Be Bright!

– – – Little did my parents know what they were getting themselves into… – – –

I’m a workaholic, and so far I’ve pulled more all-nighters in my 20’s than I ever did in college #2jobs. It’s exhausting but so worth it.

At the same time, I have both OCD & ADD, which means everything has to be perfect but not for very long. AKA I feel like I need to be the most organized human being before I get working on something; but I can never get one job (like cleaning) done without getting starting on the next. Never ending projects is my lifestyle… #workingonit

After I quit the riding team, I joined the student magazine, Garnet & Black, as an Online Editor; promoted to Public Relations the following year. This is where I discovered by love & passion for writing, social media, and digital advertising – which eventually led to my blog’s creation & development.

– – – This is from February 2014, we wore green shirts and our videographer epically created this video ad for our launch party – – – 

I have an obsession with notebooks and probably own 10 that are completely filled with notes; I keep them as a reference whenever I learn something new I can use towards my blog/lifestyle.

My favorite treat/dessert is Ice Cream (mint, chocolate, or cake batter) BUT I don’t like ice cream cake (weird right!?); I actually prefer Tiramisu as a cake choice.

The Podcasts I’m currently listening to when I edit/draft my posts: This American Life (Serial, S Town), The Morning Breath (for humor/celebrity news), Modern Entrepreneurs with Monica Garrett (how to be a she-boss)

My preferred beverage is Chardonnay or an IPA – I’m not a huge hard liquor person, college taught me many lessons…

– – – Always a Jersey girl, fearless of the ocean & it’s inhabitants – – – 

I’d call myself an “Introverted Extrovert” – I like being social in the comfort of my own surroundings, ex. being around friends and/or legitimately hosting social scenes in my own apartment/familiar places to me.

If I could have (1) meal for the rest of my life, it would be a pepperoni pizza. No question.

My dream vacation/bucket list travel destination is a tie between Australia & New Zealand.

 – – – Anyone else own this 90’s windbreaker!? – – – 

What I’m most grateful for (in life) is for my health, my family, my friends, and my willingness to do more each day than the one before it.

What I’m most grateful for (in blogging) is the amazing network I’ve become a part of, and the opportunity to share and appreciate the brands I’ve loved and admired for all my life, on a platform that’s (hopefully!) both beneficial and inspirational to my readers.

My biggest fear is not being able to pursue my passion of blogging to the best of my ability; it’s something I want so badly that I’m terrified I’ll let myself down in the process #Confessions

But no matter how hard I can get on myself or how much things feel like a struggle, I’ve NEVER wanted to give up on what makes me genuinely happy; I’m beyond thankful for where my life has led me up to this 26th year. Fingers crossed it’s a good one!