30, Flirty, & Thriving


Not so much from my closet, but a coat of my dear friend Essie has always accompanied my outfits.  In my opinion, Essie is the best brand of nail polish that lasts, with OPI & Revlon following closely behind.  I think my love for Essie comes from the clever and witty names each one possesses.  It’s like starting a collection; the names trigger you to spend a whopping $9 per tiny bottle.  However, I’ve had most of these colors for what seems to be a decade, at least, and still manage to get some use out of them.

Over the summer, I found out  through Vogue.com that an Essie flagship store was opening in NYC.  Whether or not this is confirmed, or hasn’t opened yet, I am not sure.  There hasn’t been any updated news about it since August 2012, and this is something I feel like I would have heard about by now.  I mean, I have 30 bottles to prove I’m obsessed.