A [Temporary] Color Story | Moroccanoil

I’m no newbie when it comes to coloring my hair ~ from ombre to balayage, the strands of my mane have seen many shades of blonde over the years. But sometimes, going back to your roots (literally) with your natural color can be refreshing in itself. Which is exactly what I got to experience using Moroccanoil’s Color Depositing Mask for the first time!

As a fan of Moroccanoil for years, I know this is a brand I can trust when it comes to hair care. I’ve used & talked highly about its Intense Hydrating Mask that gives my hair the boost of at-home treatment it needs, especially during the summer with so much sun & salt exposure.

So I wasn’t hesitant to try the Color Depositing Mask when I learned it would temporarily change the color of my hair ~ that’s kind of the point. But it’s not something permanent, as the color will gradually fade with each shower. And if I know Moroccanoil, then I know my hair was in for a deep-conditioning treat, along with a color revamp, just in time for fall.


As you can see, my grown-out balayage shows all sorts of blonde happening at the ends of my mane. Although I’m planning to cut my hair very soon (because needing one is an understatement…), I’m very much on the fence of whether or not I want to continue the blonde going into the fall/winter seasons.

Along with the travel size (color shot) options, you can also get these Color Depositing Masks full-size.

With many fun colors available as temporary options, I opted going with Cocoa as my Color Depositing Mask of choice. This would be a nice way to experiment whether or not I wanted to go back to a more solid brown color with my much-needed haircut.


For Light Blonde to Medium Blonde Hair

Platinum, Aquamarine, Champagne, Rose Gold, & Hibiscus

For Light Brown to Dark Brown Hair

Cocoa & Bordeaux


As you can see by the results, my hair color turned into a gorgeous, glowing brown that feels unbelievably hydrated! I’m so happy with how well it turned out & will definitely be trying this Color Depositing Mask again once the color fades, to ensure this is something I want done permanently with my future haircut.

I’ve recapped my experience using the Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask on my IG Stories so be sure to check those out so you can watch the process of how I applied it! But in a quick summary, here are a few important things to know:

– Apply generously to damp, towel-dried hair in sections with a wide tooth comb (I was lazy & did not do it like this but I suggest you should for even, all-over color)
– Let sit for 5-7 minutes (less time for pastel colors); Rinse until water runs clear (be diligent about it)
– Although this dye did NOT stain hands (yay!), I strongly suggest washing them as soon as done & using a dark towel to protect clothing with application; you should also clean up stains that appear on sink/porcelain immediately just to be safe
– Unlike most hair dyes, every Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask is infused with argan oil & smells AMAZING, just like the Intense Hydrating Mask if you’re familiar with that scent

As a general disclosure, I’m NOT a professional colorist (shocking, I know) so I cannot weigh in on anything other than my personal experience using this product. Before committing to a full head of color, you’re recommended to conduct a strand test for 2-3 minutes to access the level of color deposition. If you’re sensitive to chemicals in hair dyes/products, you’re suggested to try a dab of color on skin, in bend of elbow, & watch for irritation up to 48 hours BEFORE using on hair.