Amsterdam I

DSC_0092DSC_0099DSC_0093DSC_0095DSC_0102Details: Cotton On jacketromper – dress version | Mariella sandals – similar

Two words to describe Amsterdam: NEVER LEAVING. I honestly can say this city has captured my heart in less than 24 hours and our relationship might be getting serious..

Somehow the jet lag hasn’t gotten to me yet despite waking up at 4 AM here (Amsterdam is seven hours ahead of the US) but fingers crossed a double espresso can rescue me if needed. With the weather fluctuating between the lower 70’s, this romper & jacket duo has me quite comfortable.

Shop my look below:

P.S. Did you know the sunsets in Amsterdam begin setting at 10 PM? It’s actually such an ideal environmental situation. I’ll do my best to Instagram/post some tourist shots (my phone decided to have a stroke and the entire right side of the screen is paralyzed..)