Anchor Wrap Collection |50% Off Code

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Have you seen the newest Pura Vida Bracelets collection!? Needless to say, it’s kickass.

As a Jersey native with a strong bond to the beach I’m blessed to live one mile away from, the anchor personally symbolizes stability of my hometown. I have lived there all my life and consider it the most beautiful place in the world — trust me, this is no “Jersey Shore” location.

The anchor’s meaning speaks to everyone in a different and personal way. These bracelets are the perfect addition to any wrist party and are going VERY FAST online.

So I suggest using this 50% off code and get one for yourself RIGHT NOW before you regret missing out on this awesome opportunity. The bracelets are on the pricier side, which is all the more reason to take advantage of the code below:

Also: Add my personal discount code – BRIGHTON10 – for an additional 10% off.
Click the link here to access the Anchor Wrap Collection.