Going Green With Angie’s List

Last week I got the opportunity to attend a special event hosted by Angie’s List, celebrating the exciting news of FREE MEMBERSHIP! That’s right, by signing up as a Green level member you receive access to 10 million verified reviews, top-quality service providers and background checks on Angie’s List when searching for the perfect match of service you desire.

Personally I’ve never used Angie’s List before but after attending the event and getting a moment to speak with some of the attendees, I realized how crazy it is that I haven’t considered signing up until now! Not to mention having the perk of having a free membership definitely helped sell me on my decision but when you’re a girl on a budget living in expensive NYC, you take advantage of the right moments that can provide you quality and affordability.

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The event was hosted at a private residence in the West Village which might as well been everyone’s dream townhouse. As someone obsessed with interior design, I couldn’t get enough of the rooms and layout making up the ultra-trendy pad. Noticing how great the house was kept reminded me of how important it is to rely on proper housekeeping when managing your residence.

Angie’s List has a home concierge service that allows you to find the perfect person or service to manage your home at all times; whether you’re traveling, have a vacation home elsewhere or are just too busy to take care of it yourself. Not that I have multiple residences or need someone to watch my studio apartment when I travel but it’s nice to know I can search for the right service to assist me with a heavy apartment cleaning when the time comes (which is nearing day by day.)

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I’ll have to say my favorite area of the house was the balcony porch. There was a perfect breeze and being surrounded by plants definitely made me forget I was in New York for a short moment. My dream is to have a garden/plant display such as this, if still living in an apartment, or to grow a full-on masterpiece in a future yard space.

I won’t be able to tend to any legitimate garden 24/7 down the road I’m sure so it’s nice to know that the home concierge service of Angie’s List extends to managing a garden or any outdoor space! You really do get the entire home care & protection bundle.

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The new membership levels pack value into every tier, giving consumers the choice to select which level is right for them. The levels begin with basic access and offer upgraded services at different price points.

  • GREEN: free-of-charge access to companies in more than 700 service categories; nationwide access to more than 10 million verified consumer reviews; and monthly digital form of the company’s magazine. Benefits planned to be added to the Green membership tier this year include a project pricing guide, project scheduling and project financing.


  • SILVER: includes all green features plus fair price guarantee and service quality guarantee, exclusive discounts, chat and email customer support, a bimonthly print version of the magazine for $24.99 a year.


  • GOLD: includes all green and silver features plus complaint resolution process, customer support via phone and access to exclusive eCommerce savings for $99.99 a year. Benefits planned to be added to the Gold tier in the future include handy chat, a home emergency service line and instant hiring.

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Although I won’t be needing any huge home services for my tiny studio apartment anytime soon, I’m glad there’s a resource for the small things that might arise where I’ll need a great and reliable source to assist me with. Along with deep cleaning my apartment from floor to ceiling, I’ve been thinking about mounting my TV so it swivels back and forth for easy viewing rotation.

That will definitely be something I would source Angie’s List for, especially due to the guaranteed service I would receive due to the careful and detailed reviews I would see before hiring. For a lady like myself who’s on the go 24/7, it’s nice to know the heavy work of research is taken care of for me when it comes to home improvement.