Apartment Update #2 | Entryway + Office/Closet

A lot has happened since my first apartment update last month! I’m happy to report that we tackled 90% of our original to-do list, completing what needed to be done for the entryway & my “offlet” space. Before I started writing this post, part of me felt like we haven’t accomplished much this month; but that mood quickly changed as I started deleting task after task from the original list. I also have to remind myself that we only moved in a little over a month ago & we’ve gotten way more underway than the average human. What’s really worked for us has been tackling each task-per-space one at a time; it has helped us focus on what we truly want & make smarter, worthwhile purchasing decisions that we can enjoy for the time we intend on spending here.


We weren’t gifted with tons of useable space for our entry way but unlike most units in our building, we have some sort of an alcove at the front door. I noticed we liked to take our shoes off and keep them near the door, which led to several issues of tripping over them. So I went on Etsy in search of a rustic-looking storage bench that would hold our shoes and also be a custom fit against the limited wall length & depth. I loved the look of this 3-tier industrial shoe bench the second I came across it.

Next was to find a solution for our coats, as we were placing them in piled on the dining chairs, as well as a solution to storing our important mail. I had originally thought to get a couple cast iron hooks and a floating shelf to mount above them, mimicking an entryway hall tree so to speak. But then I came across this 2-in-1 black wire basket with hooks and felt like this was a better option with less pieces to accomplish the same effect (if not more sufficient for the mail storage.)


The ongoing theme of our apartment is the lack of storage space we have. If you saw what the Master Closet looks like, then you’ll totally understand my reasoning (aka need) for converting one of the bedrooms into a dual closet x office space, since I work primarily from home. Although this set up isn’t my “dream” set-up, this solution works perfectly for the space I have & for the time we intend on spending in this apartment. I didn’t want to invest in a built-in system when I’d ultimately have to take it all down when moving out. So here’s what I’ve opted for instead to make this “offlet” space perfect for my budget, as well as for my career.

I’ve set up this room to reflect a dedicated area for my wardrobe as well as a dedicated space where I can get my work done. Please scroll through the pictures below & feel free to click on any of the links to shop the products (or very similar styles) featured in my “Offlet.”

Wall Mirror | Floor Lamp | Wood Desk | Desk Chair | Marble Trash Bin | Leaning Bookshelf | Sheer Curtain | Gold Curtain Rod | Cowhide Rug

Floating Shelves | Wall Art | Monthly Calendar | Marble Mouse Pad | USB Charging Tower | Live Plants

Area Rug | Industrial Floating Shelf | White Standing Wardrobe | Industrial Garment Rack

I hired a Task Rabbit to mount my tv because there was no way I trusted myself to do it on my own. I had him lead the extra long 30′ cable cord + 25′ extension cord along the frame of the door & wall to the proper outlets under my desk, as the wall I mounted the tv on didn’t have any close by. Both these cords are white as to match the wall & I had him use these cable clips to keep the wires looking tidy (side note: I had to get some strong Scotch shipping tape out for some spots with the thicker cable wire, but the clips worked great for the extension cord.) For the record, this far wall was the only reasonable one to mount the tv on – hence explaining the strategy to make it work.

What Still Needs To Be Done

Here are the last two tasks on the original list + a few adds from the original ongoing decor plans list:

  • Hang gallery wall in living room
  • Pick out bar stool + pantry cabinet
  • New kitchen runner rug that matches/coordinates with living room rug
  • Sailing/nautical-themed gallery wall above dining table
  • Plan out the far wall in kitchen incorporating large whiteboard calendar

EDIT: We’ve actually found a bar stool & cabinet solution that will work perfectly for the space + ordered both over the weekend! Stay tuned for the next apartment update that will most likely be sharing the kitchen space

[Ongoing] Decorating Plans – BEDROOM

This space is going to be the very last thing we work on. Once we decide on a theme/vibe, that will help to get the ball rolling:

  • Mount light fixtures on either side of headboard / or swap out side table lamps
  • Swap out headboard (?)
  • Determine what will go on the far wall facing the bed (gallery wall)
  • Get some sort of window treatment in place (curtains)
  • Floating shelf display above bed / or one large photograph