Apartment Update #3 | Bedroom Space Reveal

I can’t believe the day is here – I’m FINALLY revealing our bedroom space on the blog! And to think it only took one month of quarantine to get to this point (lol) but here we are nonetheless. This might have been one of the most productive projects I’ve taken on this month, as this redesign has been on the home improvement to-do list since we’ve moved in back in October last year. I’m so excited to share it with you all!

The preliminary theme of this room was inspired by my trip to Morocco back in January. Originally, I felt like a few more elements of color and Moroccan prints/patterns would help this room out in hopes of achieving an “oasis” for us to unwind at the end of each day. The intention was for it to be an extension of our living room, which already has a very Moroccan vibe going on. But over time, I found myself going back to my comfort zone of cool, cozy neutrals (white + shades of grey) and realized this was the vibe best suited for our existing bedroom pieces we wanted to keep. Thomas agreed and let me go with my gut on creating an ambiguous space that is equally peaceful as it is aesthetically pleasing, where masculine meets feminine in all the right ways.


Our linen sheet bedding set is a custom sheet bundle from Brooklinen. We were able to pick out our preferred colors for the fitted + flat sheets, 2 pillow cases, and duvet cover. In terms of comfort, it’s beyond wonderful! The softest linen I’ve slept on that’s at an affordable price point (when it comes to this fabric.) My only con about it is that it sheds…A LOT. You’d think after 1-2 washes it would slow down but nope, it’s very heavy on the lint tray so be sure to clean that out each time. I’ve also noticed it on my black clothing anytime I make the bed. But at the end of the day, it’s so dreamy and more affordable than most brands; I can look past the excess shed. I just make sure to have a lint roller handy ;]

Underneath it all is our latest heart-throb when it comes to a good night’s sleep – The Leesa Mattress Topper. I didn’t realize how much more I could love our existing Leesa bed (+ adjustable base) until we added this topper to the mix. It’s lightweight, breathable and best part, has a removable cover that’s machine washable! It works for any type of bed, not just Leesa, so if you’ve been on the hunt for that cozy addition, I highly suggest this topper. Ps, you can use code my code ZZZ-TopperTB20 for 20% off any size topper for a limited time!


Linen Bedding: Brooklinen (bundle currently on sale!)
Euro Sham Pillow Cases: Parachute
Throw Pillows: Homegoods (similar here) + Wayfair
Throw Blanket: shop in Morocco (similar here)
Mattress + Mattress Topper + Adjustable Base: Leesa
Mattress Protective Cover: Amazon
Headboard: Wayfair
Bedskirt (for adjustable base): Target


In comparison to my old bedroom decor, which was very much all white and light grey everything, I decided to go a different route with the addition of black accents in the furniture & decor. This bold approach was definitely made with masculinity in mind but I absolutely love how it breaks up the white/lighter parts of the bedroom. Who knew black could be so chic & calming!

When it came to his & hers sides, our specific needs came into play when it came to deciding whether or not to match the bedside furniture. For instance, Thomas needed something with additional storage for his clothing whereas I only needed a drawer or two to store my books + other bedtime knick-knacks (like my lavender pillow spray and Carmex.) For the dresser, finding something that was deep enough for useable storage AND would fit the exact dimensions of his corner proved to be challenging in the beginning. But then I found this perfect 3-drawer solution right here, which made finding a similar bedside table for me much easier!

Personally, I think my favorite outcome of this bedroom redesign are the floating bookshelves to hold all of Thomas’s books. We struggled for a while with finding something that could display them without adding another bulky piece of furniture to our already limited, available space. When I came across these shelves, I instantly knew they’d be the perfect solution.


3-Drawer Table: Wayfair
3-Drawer Dresser: Wayfair
Floating Book Shelves: Amazon
Table Lamps: Homegoods (similar here + here)
Canvas Laundry Bin: Homegoods (similar here + here)
Floor Mirror: IKEA (similar here)
Area Rug: Overstock
Decorative Book(s): Amazon


When Thomas and I first began discussing the idea of moving in together early last year, he told me that NOT having a tv in the bedroom was a dealbreaker for him… well sort of, but he was very adamant about not having one in this room. If you didn’t know, I’ve had a tv in my bedroom since I was 10 (not kidding, I won a small one at Bingo and never let it go all the years following.) So you’d think the thought of leaving it in the living room only would terrify me. Surprisingly, I haven’t once wished we had one since moving in. I’ve learned to really appreciate reading a book instead or having pillow talk convos with T without the distraction of it. Plus, it’s encouraged me to leave my phone in the other room to limit my screen time right before bed (well most of the time it does.) So we placed a large framed piece of wall art in place of where the TV would’ve gone instead, to fill that awkward empty void of blank wall space.

What used to stand in this far corner of the room was a large, bulky bookshelf that stored some of Thomas’s clothes. Now that the dresser holds them out of sight, we were able to swap out the tall bookshelf for another better suited for the small space it’s in. My favorite parts about the leaning ladder bookcase are its open shelving & drawers. The openness allows for the room not to feel closed off with it in the corner & the drawers, I mean how could you say no to more storage?! These drawers currently hold more personal items such as papers, unframed photos, and dog collars of my departed childhood pups.

The only pop of true color we have in our room comes from Thomas’s books & my plants. Right now, we currently have mostly succulent + cactus varieties in the bedroom. But I’m working on a new blog post that will go more into detail about all 36+ of our plants – from where we got them, growth tips & tricks, and my favorite plant care products, along with sources of where I get my inspiration for displaying them in our home.


Monstera Plant Print: Society6 (small, on sale!)
Cactus Plant Print: Society6 (small, on sale!)
Black Sand Beach Print: Society6 (x-large, on sale!)
YEAH Print: Society6 (similar here)
^ Society6 framed prints are 30% off ; all of ours are in the “Vector Black Frame”
Framed Feather Print: Minted
Banksy Street Art Canvas: Amazon
Leaning Ladder Bookshelf: Overstock
Assorted Ceramics: Homegoods + Amazon



I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a glimpse of our bedroom oasis!ย