Apparel Candy

Apparel Candy

Correct me if I’m wrong but to some degree or another, we all have fallen in love with something and ended up buying 2+ of it just because we’re IN LOVE with the style or what it has to offer. Am I right? Well I’m guilty of such a thing, especially when it comes to items I use every day or close to it – such as sunnies and perfume. Lucky for you (and myself included) that I’ve come across an amazing wholesale site that sells our favorite items as single or package deals! CHA-CHING!

Apparel Candy has you covered if you’re looking for that basic must-have, the every day essential or something mimicking the original for much less! Now that’s talking my language. As you can see above, these three selects from AC’s site represent items I’m already fond of yet can be purchased in bulk for a steal of a price. For example, Marc Jacobs Honey perfume sells independently between $30-50, depending on the size, whereas the imitation Bumble Bee version above that’s inspired by the original is sold in a 4-pack for only $11! Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

With the holiday’s coming up, saving money is key and knowing I can have borderline replicas of my favorite styles in back-up form is so reassuring. Accidents happen, things get lost or broken and the worst feeling is the one you get when you realize you have to spend all that money to get a new replacement. Apparel Candy will keep you style savvy and your wallet full and happy – who wouldn’t want to shop any other way?

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* To Be Bright is partnered with Apparel Candy for the sponsored authorization of this review. All opinions are my own.