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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my current beauty regiments but like spring fever, this topic is once again hot on my interests list. Keep in mind I’m NOT anywhere close to a professional when it comes to skincare and cosmetic use, but I take pride in discovering – or rediscovering – brands that work with my routine, both physically and in matters of the time spent using them on a daily basis.

As a girl on the go, I need products that work with my routine that maintain high quality standards yet don’t waste my time with side effects – aka breakouts or reactions. So yes, the quality of the products I put on my face & body is very important to me. But clearly I don’t have the time to try a bunch of products to see what “fits” with my current schedule, as well as can adapt with the changes in my skin’s tolerance due to the spring season.

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Thanks to my friends at BabbleBoxx, I was sent a package of spring-forward beauty essentials designed for use during this month. Many of these brands I’ve never heard of but I felt the excitement to try them out and see what would be incorporated into my daily routine after a few trial uses.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have even considered changing up my skin and makeup routine at all if BabbleBoxx ceased to exist. That’s the beauty of receiving a curated box of products specifically chosen to target the challenges of spring weather on skincare, as well as the challenges of maintaining your makeup’s lifespan. Like the season of change and in light of re-vamping my personal style, I’ve changed up my spring beauty essentials and now reflecting on the positive experiences I’ve had using these products provided by BabbleBoxx.



Anything that’s all natural instantly gets an A+ in my book, but Vita Coco Coconut Oil is the jack of all trades when it comes to its healthy uses and benefits. Other than using it for your skin and hair, this 100% organic product is a fantastic substitute for butter. Yes, this means you can cook/bake with it to your hearts delight! Consider this wonder product Mother Nature’s best gift to your wellness and beauty from here on out. I swear by it.

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Did you know Lavender is a natural remedy to sleep difficulties? I for one have the HARDEST time falling asleep – probably due to the mass amounts of subconscious stress that won’t let my brain get some rest. #SadTimes. But since I’ve started incorporating these aromatherapy lavender lifesavers into my nightly routine, sleeping has become A LOT EASIER and much more natural of a process for me.

Following a shower, I run a hot water bath and spend 5-10 minutes relaxing and restoring my body in the Calm Lavender + Chamomile Body Soak or Bath Bombs. Enriched with moisturizing and nourishing butters, both these products leave my skin feeling super soft and hydrated, thanks to the infusion of essential oils. Plus my entire body feels very relaxed after being able to unwind, as well as smells oh so good from the extracts of lavender and chamomile.

If you don’t feel like soaking, you can still calm your mind, body and spirit with a whiff of 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil. Sourced from the finest plants around the world, this oil has a fresh yet sweet & floral aroma that instantly relaxes all those stresses from the day. It’s amazing how a natural herb such as Lavender can provide such therapeutic benefits, especially when it comes to balancing your emotional and physical well-being.

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Once or twice a week, you should exfoliating your skin to help to remove dead skin cells, dirt and debris caked in your pores. The reason I say once or twice is because this cleansing routine is so effective that you don’t need to do it any more than two times in a week, with three days in-between uses. Plus too much exfoliation can be rough on your skin and lead to irritation.

I love using the Microdermabrasion Exfoliator because of how radiant it leaves my skin looking and feeling. With my dry skin, an exfoliate such as this is great to combat anti-aging concerns that come with my particular skin type – a specialist told me this! The aluminum oxide crystals, lactic acid and smoothing botanicals are the same ingredients used in medical offices for actual microdermabrasion procedures; it’s like a private consultation in a bottle!

Usage tips: Dampen skin with warm water. Slowly and gently massage cream onto skin for 1-2 minutes avoiding the eye area. Rinse well, pat dry.

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Every morning and night, and in-between exfoliations, can be enhanced with fast acting Renew Me Restoring Serum. With each use, signature Comfort Blend™ technology restores your stressed skin by replenishing it with necessary nutrients, while calming the physical appearance of irritation and redness. My naturally dry skin also benefits from this serum because the powerful antioxidants help my skin to defend against harsh environmental stress and other skin-aging factors.

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There are two areas on my face that always need enhancement: my brows and my lashes. But finding the right makeup that lasts through a day’s amount of wear is hard to come by, and I end up having to reapply at least once mid-day if I notice any fading. After penciling in my brows, simple strokes of the Oh My Brow! Highlighter Crayon along my brow bone and above the arch help to enhancing the length and fullness of my brows. My brows appear looking “full and illuminated” all day long, just as I originally applied them in the morning. Plus, you can also apply the highlighter on your cheeks or other desired areas for a gorgeous glow, which is great in terms of having a handy versatility tool.

Now for the lashes – having a mascara that keeps them looking bold with one application is a miracle product, am I right? The Superhero Mascara literally comes to my rescue when it comes to making my lashes looking so long and full, all day long. The best part is knowing this mascara, along with other IT Beauty products, harnesses cutting edge, anti-aging technologies with high performance, skin-loving ingredients. In short, with each use of this mascara wand I know I’m provided with a serious beauty solution that helps me look and feel seriously great each time I apply.

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Personally, I’m not big on wearing anything on mine because I find it wearing off within an hour of applying. But like the season of change, I’ve become open to the idea of paying more attention to the color and appearance of my lips. The Butter London Plush Rush collection is the perfect color for my skin tone and made the experience of trying new lip trends that much more fun when I saw the compatibility.

Starting with the First Kiss Lip Gloss, you get a rush of lip decadence and the perfect pout when applying. I like to use the gloss as somewhat of a “primer” before and “top coat” after applying the lipstick coat. Next, using the Really Rose Liner to shape and define my lips helps the makeup amateur such as myself to stay “inside the lines” for when completing my look with the FAB Lipstick. This simple 3-step process gives you a plumping and defining lip without any fuss, and I found I didn’t need to reapply as often as I initially assumed I would have to.

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