Better In Bites ∙ Micki’s Brownies

drop shad brownie 1

Other than cupcakes, brownies have been my love interest since age five. Of course back in that time era, the joy of eating as many as you wanted with no repercussions is a far cry from the micro-managing age of 23. Indulging isn’t as easy nor is as acceptable, in self-conscience and health-related terms. But with bite-sized versions, enjoying one of my favorite baked goods has never felt so guilt-free.

Micki’s Brownies are freshly made, unique creations that stand far apart from the generic brand – all thanks to a family recipe passed down from generation to generation. With 22 flavors to choose from, you’re guaranteed to have the best brownie of your life with no regrets. I guarantee it!

The brownie boxes and special tins make for the perfect holiday/special occasion gift for someone special or yourself! Place your order ASAP and get ready to indulge.

 Brownie Sample Box c/o Micki’s Brownies & Succarra