Better Nights With Tomorrow™ Sleep

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m one of THE WORST SLEEPERS I know. For some of my friends, I’m their #1 person to late night call because 90% of the time I’m wide awake to answer! I’ve never been someone that can fall asleep quickly, so sadly the idea of “going to bed” almost makes me dread it because I spend close to 3 hours lying flat, staring at the ceiling. You have NO IDEA how envious I am of those who can hit the pillow and be out cold for the night.

I’ve literally done the whole shi’bang of trial & error to figure out what could help me fall asleep more easily. I’ve tried everything from natural remedies like melatonin & lavender oil to tougher solutions such as ZzzQuil and few too many glasses of wine to try to mildly sedate myself. Sometimes it worked, but rarely. I did the routines of intense work outs to exhaust myself, shutting off the tv early, no blue screens (i.e. phone), blacking out the room with thick curtains, trying to read a book, counting damn sheep…

Honestly the last thing I wanted to result to was sleeping medication because I knew there was a way I could fall asleep easier without it; I just hadn’t discovered what my sleep remedy/formula was yet. However, I was running out of reasonable options and worried I’d have to consider a prescription until something else came to mind…

The problem might be my mattress.

When I thought about it more, I realized I’ve had my mattress for over 8 years. It’s been with me since college, was never flipped over, and frankly had an indent of my body frame in the middle, which naturally I never noticed. It was time for something new, literally.

Just when I was coming to terms with having to do some research, I received an email asking if I was willing to try out a mattress from Tomorrow™ Sleep. It was destiny.

Two things I didn’t know about today’s mattresses until receiving my new Queen from Tomorrow™ Sleep: 1) They can now arrive as a mattress in a box, rolled up and ready to expand once the plastic is removed, and 2) They can have “Smart Bed” technology, alike a car or tv. Not surprising in this day & age but I’ve been in the 1800’s considering this is the first time I’ve had to deal with a new mattress in my life. I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that this arrived as a bed in a box!

What has made this particular bed so impactful in my life is the concept behind it. Tomorrow™ Sleep believes the better you understand what you do while you sleep, the more you can improve how you feel when you step out of bed. Hence why it provides you with smart technology to track and monitor your sleep so you can better access how to go about your days leading to a better next night’s slumber.

Backed with the knowledge, research and engineering expertise of Serta Simmons Bedding, this sleep tracking is NO JOKE. Honestly, I didn’t think it would give me accurate results because I sleep all over my bed; the motion detector pads that I was instructed to place on my box spring, under each pillow side, wouldn’t accurately capture my record.

Or so I thought…

After downloading the Sleeptracker app and setting up my profile (which asked for my age, gender, weight, habits, etc.), I was BLOWN AWAY by how much it captured and provided back to me to review every morning. I would remember certain instances where I would wake up in the middle of the night and then quickly pass out again, not moving much or not at all – AND THE TRACKER NOTICED!

With each recap of my evenings that I sleep in my bed, I can get a better idea of how to improve my next night and achieve the best, productive sleep my body needs to thrive each day. Having the ability to better understand myself and my unconscious habits during the evening hours has finally provided me with better nights of meaningful sleep. I have more energy than before and rarely have to take naps to make up for lost hours. It’s truly changed my life!

Oh, did I mention it’s like a cloud to sleep on!? I’m talking memory foam material – soft and dreamy to the touch but surprisingly firm to give you the best support. It’s the perfect Goldilocks piece – not too soft, not too hard, just right.