Big Kid Christmas List | ZIFTIT.COM

Personal flashback to November 1997 – sitting at my kitchen table, writing the 5th edited copy of my Christmas list. Number one on the list was a toy similar to Go-Go My Walkin’ Pup, but I couldn’t remember the name of it (and still have no idea to this day). So I wrote “walking dog on a leash” and ended up with a Toy Story Slinky Dog that happened to be on a leash as well. Clearly at age 22, I’m still not over it and blame my 6-year-old lack of detail for receiving the wrong present.

Today, Christmas lists for ages 9+ are most likely online. It’s quite a fantastic transition. The attachment of a direct URL link helps eliminate confusion when it comes to product specifications. Last year, I tried to be clever using a Pinterest board of images with links to the sites of where to buy them. Despite the advancements, links will occasionally be incorrect, invalid or flat-out unavailable. Is there any hope for us this year?

YES. Ditch the word doc and Pinterest boards and broaden your horizons with Ziftit. This shopping/gifting website/App allows users to create “Zift Lists” of desired items that link directly back to their online stores without fail. These lists can be easily shared to family & friends, who have access to purchase directly from the list, unlike Pinterest which practically sends you on an online adventure trying to locate an item.

These lists are perfect for any occasion, not just the holidays. Think birthday, bridal or baby shower, graduation and any other special event that suggests the idea of a gift. The Zift List is a win-win; your guests know exactly what you want and you will be sure to receive the correct item. What could be better than this?


Okay, it may seem standard to you now, but here’s where Ziftit gets more awesome:

– When you become a Ziftit user, you get to create a personalized Trending Feed which allows products that match your style to be automatically featured on your feed. Imagine having products magically pop up on your feed that suddenly have you obsessed and would be perfect additions to your list. The anticipation of something new is so exciting.

– Ziftit’s Events Page makes sharing lists as easy as 1-2-3. You simply create an online event, such as “My Christmas List”, send out invitations via email and receive RSVPs from your invitees that insure they were able to access your list.

– Imagine you’re out shopping and you see a pair of boots that are one of a kind and a must-have. Don’t sweat over  your lack of computer access and forget taking a picture (unless you can get away with it). Ziftit’s mobile app Barcode Scanner allows you to scan products from wherever you are and instantly provides you with a list of available locations where the product is offered at different price points. This advantage is pure genius.

– Split the cost of presents with an Upgraded Account, which makes ‘pitching-in’ an instantaneous action & less of a hassle.

Ziftit is unbelievably ideal for the college student due to the benefits and accessibility. The Barcode Scanner allows one to find affordable deals of desired products, family and friends will always know the perfect present to  purchase and sharing with everyone is a breeze using the Events Page. Ladies (& gents), think about how easy invites for student organization and Greek Life-related events could be!

Another reason to consider creating a Ziftit account – The $10,000 Trendsetter Contest.

This contest challenges participants to create a list of unique products from all over the web via Ziftit’s Browser Plugin or product search bar. Using the “follow” feature, participants will aim to recruit followers by posting products that appeal to them. These listed products will pop up on your followers’ news feed, which allow them to “re-list” these items as well. With each follower recruited and product re-listed, a participant increases his or her “influence rating.” On Dec. 15, the participant with the highest overall influence rating will win $10,000 and be named “The Trendsetter of 2013.” Enter the contest here.

Check out my list on Ziftit!