Blogger’s Guide to Life Planning | Erin Condren

Ever since I could remember, or probably by the time I learned to write, I’ve been someone known for “To Do” lists and having endless amounts of notebooks and planners. A lot of this stems from my OCD and my desire to feel prepared and organized to the best of my ability.

They say that you’re more likely to remember something if you write it down, which I find true. So when you work (2) full-time jobs & have a personal/social life to manage as well, it’s imperative to know what needs to be done. Seeing it all written out helps me accomplish such tasks in a timely order, as well as makes me feel more prepared and in control.

As a blogger, I write just as many task lists as I do blog posts and have to remember specifics of due dates for content, events, meetings, etc. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to stay on track and remember where you need to be if you don’t schedule yourself. Although I have a digital calendar, I find myself more attached to my Erin Condren LifePlanner™ when it comes to scheduling my editorial content & press-related engagements for one major reason:


From the layout of the agenda to match with the way I work

To the removable/interchangeable cover that reflects my personal style (as well as my name!)

How could you not be in love with such an effective organizational tool!?

I got to choose how I wanted to view my calendar months, knowing I wanted more of a “By Day” layout instead of “Monthly” because there’s more space for me to write.

As well as selecting the interior color of my LifePlanner™, the cover I chose showcases my name and can be swapped out for a new design if I feel like changing things up.

Having a physical agenda in hand that works for me in all aspects that count is why I’ve been obsessed with Erin Condren LifePlanner™ for years! After attending last week’s influencer event at Dylan’s Candy Bar & meeting the AMAZING team behind EC, I couldn’t be more appreciative of this incredible brand.

*Ps, my lovely readers can get a 15% discount on orders now until 7/31/17 using code GETSOCIAL15 (cannot be combined with other offers.)

WHEN: MAY 4, 2017
WHERE: DYLAN’S CANDY BAR (60th St & 3rd Ave – NYC)

I had no idea Dylan’s Candy Bar had an actual bar upstairs! With two large spaces offered out for event reservations, this space was the perfect location for the event. The colorful atmosphere of the walls matched the products and everyone’s mood, which made for such a fun time!

Ps, this dress racked up so many compliments! It’s so comfortable to wear – however I suggest getting a larger size if you have a longer torso like me. I kept feeling like it was a teeny bit short and avoided raising my arms lol…but super comfortable nonetheless!


I had no idea Erin Condren sold home decor items too! I fell in love with the custom clear trays that are perfect coffee table pieces. This would also make for a great Mother’s Day or Wedding/House Warming gift (hint hint to all you “shopping slackers”).

Along with these trays, there were adorable throw pillows & blankets that you could include your name on – all in the same styles/designs as the covers of the LifePlanner™.

We ended up staying til the very VERY end of the event because we were having so much fun talking with the Erin Condren team and all influencers that attended as well. Before heading downstairs to fill our goody buckets full of candy, I got to snag one of the gorgeous peony centerpieces as they were cleaning/packing up. My whole apartment smells like bliss & its a wonderful thing ;]

To truly get an idea of how much fun we had, I captured the evening on Insta Story & saved it to share with you all here.

The best part was getting new inspiration for an amazing idea of a tangible portfolio/media kit using the Erin Condren LifePlanner™. Such a great thought for something to present potential clients when you go to meetings, etc. I’m totally going to design one for myself!

This post is sponsored by Erin Condren LifePlanner™ – all opinions expressed are my own.