Blue By You

Details: Madewell jeans | Anne Taylor jacket – similar | H&M loafers | gray tee

The trees are beginning to bloom, the air smells cleaner than ever before and I can’t get over how good of a mood this all makes me. (Knock on wood) I’ve woken up the past three mornings feeling uber joyful, even when my alarm clock wakes me at dawn to get prepared for my 8 am class. I don’t know what strand of Spring Fever I have, but I don’t want it to stop.

Back to the trees blooming, this reminds me of my fascination with cherry blossom trees, and every other brighter than ever color surrounding the season. I think that once winter shows signs of peacing out, we over-exaggerate in our minds how impacting the colors of spring are. I’m totally fine with it โ€” I have a new pair of bright blue wonders to keep up with the boldness.

Yes everyone, I caved and got myself the blue loafers too. I really couldn’t resist! Suede, gold chain buckle AND comfortable, duh. These shoes are meant to be struttin’ their stuff all spring & summer long.