Bottled Perfection


Just your everyday bangle right? Just you wait. This one-of-a-kind piece of metal has a talent unlike any other, & is guaranteed to quench your thirst when the time permits.

Never again will the struggles of finding a bottle opener be necessary when you can whip out this handy bracelet. The Bottle Opener Bracelet by Three Jane is the must-have accessory for all four seasons; it also couldn’t be more unique & cooler in its design. And yes, the bottle opener feature WORKS.


Gold metal & leather that opens any bottle; sounds like perfection to me, in terms of satisfying my style & thirst needs. Perfect for the girl on the go, or the one that finds themselves needing an opener more often then not.

These bracelets come in multiple colors. Just clarify which one you’d like in the comments/notes when completing your order if you decide you MUST-HAVE this bracelet. [My color is Sky Blue]