Breaking Free From Commitment | AT&T GoPhone Challenge

DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored. All products mentioned and reviewed on this page are compliments of AT&T. All opinions of the products are my own.


For one month, I partnered with AT&T in their GoPhone Challenge to use a prepaid Samsung Galaxy for all my blogging needs. As someone who is constantly on the go and spends 60% of her blogging time through a phone, having a second device was not only beneficial towards my time and battery life but also incredibly easy to manage.

In a generalized summary, I relied on this GoPhone for updating my Instagram account, receiving and responding to my daily emails and to keep my expenses at a minimum. These three primary needs were more than satisfied this month and have me sold on the GoPhone’s mission to provide flexibility for my crazy busy, yet incredibly fun lifestyle.



As a style blogger, Instagram is my online lifeline which means every post I put out there is a direct representation of me, myself & my style. That being said, it’s important to be able to capture those moments with a great camera and if you can get that on a smart phone, you’ve hit the jackpot.

The camera on this GoPhone is unbelievably clear and takes pristine photos, which makes my editing process that much easier. I hardly have to retouch any of them! Taking my “Daily Delivery” flat-lay pictures is a snap, no pun intended, and capturing #FromWhereIStand poses is just as easy. The auto-focus is incredible, which makes the act of tapping the screen very rare and offers less risk of losing the perfect angle/pose. If you’re a style blogger, you get where I’m coming from.



I receive a rough estimate of 50 emails a day and by no means do I intend to sit on my computer all day waiting to respond to them once they arrive. A phone that allows you to set up your email 100x easier than it was on my iPhone has your time and best interest in mind. Literally. How many of you have struggled with setting up your email account on your iPhones if it wasn’t pre-set? Once you have it, it’s terrific but I lack the patience to figure it out and had multiple friends help me back then.

Since my email is through a self-hosted blog site, the email host server is definitely not one of the offered servers to connect to. Lucky for me, I was easily able to sync my email to my Gmail and in turn, was able to receive my emails on my GoPhone without waiting for the delay in server response. I could flag, check off and answer emails so easily and on the go, which couldn’t be a better situation for a person like myself who runs around town a million times per minute.

Managing Expenses:


I’ll have to admit, having a prepaid phone this past month made the stress of managing expenses close to none. With my iPhone, worrying about going over my data each month constantly gets to me. “Make sure you’re connected to WiFi!” “Close out your apps” “If you don’t, you’ll go over!” UGH what a pain. Also, I’m so mad that unlimited data plans are extinct – like come on.

Like I mentioned above with the new data plans ruining our lives, committing to a service you once agreed with but now have mixed emotions about will no longer be an issue. The GoPhone is perfect for the “commitment-phobe” because there’s no annual contract and you’re given the flexibility to choose the plan that fits your budget. For someone like me, I could be independent in NYC in a year from now and with lifestyle changes comes expenses. It’s nice to know I can update my plan to fit my current needs when the time comes.

With the GoPhone, my monthly payment was upfront and the term “prepaid” no longer means disposable. I had a Samsung Galaxy smart phone for crying out loud! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my iPhone and I know many other people out there don’t feel the need to let it go. Lucky for us, GoPhone is compatible with iPhones and only requires the activation of a GoPhone-SIM card. If you’re interested to see if your phone is compatible with GoPhone, click here!


If you’re still not sure, here are five reasons to break free and go pre-paid with AT&T GoPhone:

1. Conquer #FOMO

You’ll stay connected all day every day, because everyone knows we’re attached to our smart phones. You’ll never miss out on a thing.

2. Perfect for the “Commitment-phobe”

As mentioned above, there’s no annual contract and the flexibility to pick the plan that suits your budget, as well as change it when you need to, is such a stress-reliever.

3. Prepaid just got smarter

Disposable phones? Nope. Prepaid GoPhone devices include the latest 4G & 4G LTE Android & Windows smartphones at affordable prices.

4. BYOD!

BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE! GoPhone is compatible with most phones, including iPhones, which allows you to utilize a phone you already own – even if the service is from another provider.

5. Flexibility makes a relationship

The monthly rate plans offer great value for both smartphone and basic text/talk phone customers. You receive UNLIMITED talk and text, as well as 2.5 GB of data, with a smartphone. And finally, the auto-refill feature makes it that much easier to pay with a card or bank account.

Convinced the GoPhone is for you now? Check out AT&T’s Rate Plans available and get GoPhone-ing!

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