Cabin Fever | TBB x GentleFawn


|| gifted GentleFawn top | UO flannel | Bullhead Black denim – similar | F21 booties ||

This time it’s legit, guys. Snow, sleet and ice has taken over SC and a majority of us are stuck inside. Normally, I would be excited about the lack of school but it might as well be a sick day on the couch. You know, when you play the “I’m sick card” and karma bites you in the ass without having any decent television to watch? Swap the TV issue for the every business in town is closed problem. What’s the point of having a car with real four-wheel drive if there’s no where to go!?

Sorry for the rant, I’m just a tad restless. Please enjoy my cozy ensemble shot in the hallway of my apartment building. This GentleFawn top is so perfect for winter & spring; I can’t wait to swap the jeans for shorts, especially after dealing with this nonsense.

Aviator &/or Papa Bright: If you’re reading this, mind sending me my UGG snow boots I wisely left in NJ?  (Wish I was kidding.)
* To Be Bright is partnered with GentleFawn for the authorized promotional use of gifted products.
–> Below is unfiltered proof that the roads are horrendous while in attempt to grocery shop this morning.