Carolina Cup: Excuse for Prep


Carolina Cup – the Spring event for the Carolina’s.

Every March, Camden, SC hosts the annual Carolina Cup event. For anyone who is unfamiliar with CC, it is the time of year where girls dress in their ‘Lilliest of Pullitzer’ attire and boys rock the colored pants/shorts to get absolutely plastered while watching a steeple chase.

For many people, this event is something the whole family attends, where bets are made, and winnings are earned.  For a safe guesstimate of 95%, this event is for college students at a Carolina university/college get together to drink, take embarrassing pictures, and if they’re unintelligent, get handcuffed to the police golf cart.


That only happens if you’re blatantly doing something dumb.  Overall, this event is probably one the most memorable and fun experiences you can have while in school.

However, the idea of dressing preppy never and won’t ever sit well with me.  So I made sure to not wear an unflattering Lilly dress (the fit never looks good on me.)  My friends and I all wore very spring-like prints, that were NOT stereotypical Lilly.  We also didn’t have to worry about matching the other 1,000+ girls.


Of course, Carolina Cup is always fun when you have a date or someone to go with.  You can coordinate your outfits to match and make a memory out of it.  My roommate and her boyfriend match perfectly; his green pants bring out the green in her dress.


The boys strike out with their colored pants, as this is the most appropriate time where all colors are acceptable to wear. Green and yellow pants, as well as salmon and light blue, were the most popular color choices for guys in 2012.


My handsome date at the time (now my boyfriend :]), matched his yellow pants with the yellow flowers in my dress (Pac Sun.)  I will say that this event is something the both of us, as well as my roommates/best friends will attend as often as we can, regardless if we graduate.  You’re never too old to party like rockstars at Carolina Cup.