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Hawaii Travel Guide: Islands of Kauai + Maui

I’ve been so excited to share this travel guide of our amazing Hawaiian Honeymoon! This is a destination I’ve always dreamed of experiencing, and it did not disappoint – even with the lingering Pandemic. If you have the opportunity to travel to Hawaii, whether it be for business or pleasure, I hope this post will serve as a helpful guide to navigating the two islands of Kauai & Maui…

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Wedding Part Three: The Brunch

We had such a wonderful time hosting our Farewell Brunch at this iconic spot in the city and made sure to tell our guests well in advance that they wanted to make plans to stay in NYC the night of the wedding just for this Saturday breakfast. And by treating it like an extension of the wedding, we ended up with almost a full turnout of attendees! Never have I ever seen a brunch THIS well attended the morning after a long & eventful night. But I honestly think a lot of it was due to the time it started, as well as what our guests got out of it as well as ourselves as the couple.

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Wedding Part Two: The Ceremony, Reception & After Party

Leading up to our entire wedding month, part of me couldn’t get fully invested in the idea it was actually going to happen – out of the realistic fear of COVID’s ability to rip the rug from right underneath of us at any given moment. But every star aligned to ensure our “destination” wedding day stayed on schedule; it was a miraculous feat to have been pulled off successfully without some sort of cosmic energy on our side…

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