Child’s Play


Wearing: H&M pullover & leggings | Urban Outfitters button-down | Tods loafers – similar

The look you are viewing above reminds me of something my mother would send me to Kindergarden in, minus the eccentric display of bright print leggings and Mary Jane’s with tutu socks. Yes, this is definitely more “mature” yet, is as comfortable as something you’d see in a story time circle. To be honest, I had no intentions of even wearing this look, but the concept of layering button-downs with pullovers came to mind and thus, I figure I give it a try. I mean, Monday’s don’t call for anything too extreme and bright colors might blind someone. I’m glad my 5-year-old self wasn’t self-conscious back then.

P.S. the headband’s purpose was to keep the stray, overgrown baby hairs from surrounding my forehead, but in case you dig, yes I totally planned it’s incorporation.