Chill Out Humidity


Overcast, 64 degrees, & humid – how do I dress for this?

This specific type of weather is one of the driving forces as to why I made this blog. WHAT DO YOU WEAR!?  Seriously, the conditions are confusing as hell.  Will I be hot in a sweater if it’s humid or chilly if I wear shorts?  HELP.

So here’s what I think & decided for today, which may help another human in need when it comes to dressing for bipolar weather.  If it’s humid, wear the shorts.  Nothing’s more uncomfortable than being hot & sticky-feeling when you’re wearing pants in the rainforest climate.  Overcast & 64 degrees calls for a sweater on top WITH breathable fabric.  I chose a light wool-like sweater that has loose weaved texture to allow air to breeze through while still keeping me warm with the insulating wool-like fiber.  Underneath, I have a solid white tank.

As the day will warm up, which it tends to do, I can remove the sweater and be comfortable in a tank and shorts.  If it remains to be dreary, I’ll be comfortable and happy.

Sweater- Urban Outfitters | Tank – Smart Alex | Shorts – Free People | Sandals – Steve Madden