Close Up On Summer Shaving


I figured this post would be essential to a majority of the female readers out there that want to know the secret to a close summer shave. Frankly, this season has us showering too often and shaving too much, which results in dried-out skin and leaving us with hairy insecurities. I’ll be the first to admit that I found myself shaving every third or fourth day in a cold shower because, well shaving takes a while as we all know..

NO ONE wants to spend that kind of time shaving and exit the shower feeling frigid only to end right back in there with the same routine two-three days later. Thankfully, there’s a trick and a tip to help us ladies out in this department:

Quick history about me & my skin: When I was born, my father (for a brief moment) didn’t believe I was his child… The reason for this is because I appeared sunburnt/red aka a different ethnicity. Now of course it was proven that I am in fact his creation, but I am much darker skinned than the rest of my family. However, I was not immune to the terrible sunburns that came with every summer on the cape. I was just lucky to tan much easier than other babies on the beach with minimal exposure and loaded up on SPF 50.

IMG_7259^ Here’s my little red self en route to my crib in Hoboken.

With every summer comes shorter lengths of clothing and the expected upkeep of ourselves, as well as the paranoia of wondering about the current status of our hairy legs & underarms. Thanks to a good friend’s tip, I no longer have to shave every other day but instead, once a week! The trick: Baby oil.

Swap out your shaving cream for baby oil during your routine shower and your life will change all season long. You can say goodbye to the fear of nicks as often as before and be able to wear that awesome new skirt a few days later without the last minute shave before.

The only negative about this is the impact the oil has on your razor. The blades are easily clogged up. My suggestion is to purchase the pack of disposable razors that won’t hurt your wallet to buy and still are just as effective as a Venus Embrace.

IMG_7258^ Until age five, I refused to wear tops and was often confused to be a little boy. This is a rare one-piece shot.

I mentioned sunburnt and dry skin above, so let me talk about a tip to keep your delicate skin happy. We’re all pretty aware about the benefits of Aloe on a sunburn but there’s a big difference between Aloe gel and Aloe lotion: One will cure your burn and the other will make you peel.

Let’s say you come home from a day at the beach and your skin reminds you of a ripened tomato, minus the ripe part because it’s about to be a dry nightmare. I know it hurts but to help eliminate the after-burn, shower in HOT water. Think of it this way, three minutes of pain in the shower compared to unbearable discomfort the rest of the day/night is worth the tolerance.

Next, you want to lather yourself up in Aloe gel rather than Aloe lotion. The gel is much more of a pure form of the plant, which is much more effective in cooling off the burn. Lotion gets trapped into the pores of your skin and ultimately makes you feel hotter. On top of that, you are much more likely to peel as a result of lotion use than you are if you opted for gel.

If you did not get sunburnt or have a nice looking tan, then Aloe lotion is quite fine to use. The trapping of the pores in fact lengthens the life expectancy of your tan.

I’m no beauty or science expert when it comes to skin care, but I have personally experienced amazing results from the above tip & trick shared. Try it out for yourself. You have nothing to lose except those hours of after-sun pain.


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