Cooler Transition

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 9.34.20 AM

Transition into Spring calls for blush-colored pants.

April 5 and still as cold as winter, the multitude of layers is becoming tiresome.  In order to mentally convince myself warmer weather is right around the corner, I constructed a mixed assortment of basic and seasonal colors.


Blush pants paired with a black tank & black button-down shirt help both the colors pop out in unison.  I left the button-down open to allow more of a free-flowing look to coordinate well with the close fit of the pants.  The denim jacket ties the extreme dark and light colors together like a happy medium, as well as making the overall outfit more visually appealing.


Pants – Zara | Basic Tank – H&M | Button-Down Shirt – Urban Outfitters | Denim Jacket – Aeropostale | Necklace – Etsy