On an honest note, I woke up too late to construct this look in time for class.

As I was struggling through my stressful morning, I took some mental time to decide what I would ‘ideally’ like to wear in public today, beyond the confined four walls of my 8 am class.  The transition into Spring has been confusing, and so has been my outfit decision-making process.  Nonetheless, I came up with this style sweep with comfort yet efficiency in mind.

I broke out the maxi skirt and paired it with a regular solid tank top.  Next, I added some detail with a green patterned corset-made waist belt and a coordinating necklace.  Finishing the look with a denim vest, this outfit can work with any type of flat or sandal of choice.  Casual yet trendy – a decision that finally put my anxious-felt mind to ease.

PS. Check out Decisions by Borgore ft. Miley Cyrus.  The lyrics are random but the tempo is addictive.

Skirt & Necklace – Urban Outfitters | Tank – Smart Alex | Belt – Anthropologie | Denim Vest – Forever 21