Don’t Hesitate, Study Abroad! – Eat, Pray or Love Blog January 30, 2012


Don’t Hesitate, Study Abroad! 

Many people are reluctant to travel abroad for multiple reasons ranging from expenses to lack of desire.  But is the lack of desire stemming from the fear of “missing out at USC?”  It is true that your college years are the most important and memorable, but why wouldn’t you want to enhance those memories traveling to a destination of your dreams?

If you put it into retrospect, your chances of traveling with the experiences available to you as a student only last for four years.  After that, you can only hope to have the chance to visit in the future, but graduating from college on a budgeted salary will postpone that dream for a few years.  Why not now?  Why not take the opportunity of a lifetime and spend a semester meeting new people in a country of your choice without spending more than your current student tuition at USC?  How does that not sound appealing?

Traveling is not for everyone, but everybody has the same opportunity to go abroad.  At USC’s Study Abroad Office, there are multiple programs you can choose from that would best suit your current situation, ranging from exchange programs (where you switch places with another student at the school you wish to study abroad) to direct programs (where you select a school to attend and complete an application to be accepted by the university).

You may be missing one semester at USC, but the memories you would have to add to your college years will not be beat by living in another place in the world.  This is a prime and ideal time for students who crave change and adventure to partake in this opportunity.  Years from now, you don’t want to look back in regret for not taking the chance to explore what the world has to offer!