Dorm Do-Over | Pottery Barn


As a recent college graduate, I think back to my freshman year very often and how amazing the beginning was. Because I was a college athlete, I had the lucky privilege to have my own room in a suite style dorm my first year. Let me tell you, it was amazing.

As a girl with a not-so-secret obsession of interior decorating,  I was thrilled when I was approached with this Pottery Barn Dorm campaign — “How would you redecorate your dorm room if you could do it all over again?”

Reality: My dorm room was floor to ceiling in pictures, wall art and anything else that took up wall space because I enjoyed always having something to look at. Bright colors were a must on my bed spread and knick knacks that reminded of me of home were scattered where it seemed fit. Plus, I somehow managed to keep a kitten (now grown cat) my entire year in that dorm and NEVER got caught. I don’t suggest anyone else do that unless you get one that doesn’t meow (mine squeaks) and can be as stealthy as myself by placing it in your backpack to take with you outside during fire alarms (yes, I did that.) Did I mention I had over 10 goldfish and a hamster at one point as well? #animalhoarder


Re-Do: Now that I’m no longer 18, my interior style has calmed down tremendously. As you can see from the FIRST set above, more use of neutrals would be my saving grace with the exception of warming yellow and gray patterns as my bedspread. Rather than four walls of cluttered pictures, I would keep the most important ones framed in wall bulletin boards and keep those at a maximum of three to four frames. I love nature and structured pieces, which is where the tiny hanging terrariums and elegant lamps come into play. And now that I’ve expanded my closet, a free standing antique-inspired rack to hold my belongings would keep things organized and serve as a visual piece as well. All together, this inspired set reminds me of a mature, cozy oasis that perfectly describes my 22-year-old self.

How would you re-do your dorm?

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