Dressed Up Shorteralls & My Recent Trauma

Shorteralls: Z Supply | Blouse: Forever 21 | Mules: old, similar here

OMG you guys will NOT believe what happened to me earlier this week…

My IG got hacked

So for the past few days up until yesterday afternoon at 3:30pm, my professional life was in shambles. Luckily I was able to get it back AND didn’t lose anything I’ve worked so hard to create over 6+ years so PRAISE THE LORD. I will definitely be sharing a very detailed post about my experience & how you guys can save your accounts should this ever happen to you – which I seriously hope doesn’t. Instagram Support is a JOKE & it took a lot more for me to get this resolved. But more on that later, I need to give myself a break from the trauma I’ve been in…

But if you’re really curious to see how I reacted to all this, check out my IG Story before 4pm today!

Anyways, this outfit was photographed hours before my IG was stolen & violated; little did I know I wouldn’t be smiling later that day LOL. But I really want to draw your attention to this look, as it’s super easy to recreate & might be the most comfortable ensemble you could put together for an upcoming occasion.

I love love LOVE overalls and the fact they come in short length for the summer is simply fantastic. This particular pair looks denim but it’s actually the softest knit fabric I’ve ever touched or worn; making it super lightweight and perfect for a warmer day. To dress them up, I went with one of my puffier sleeved tops & a matching white pair of mules with a slight heel to elongate my appearance.

BTW: Whoever said you’re too short / too tall / too curvy to wear overalls is a LIAR. They are made for every BODY & can easily be adjusted & worn to suit your style. Don’t let the fear of not being able to pull them off creep into your pretty head, otherwise you’ll be missing out on prob the most reliable garment in your wardrobe.

Also, I didn’t have a bag to carry & felt weird not holding something so this watering can became my prop. For the record, I will totally wear these shorteralls in my future garden with a more appropriate top & shoes.